The Teaser From Thor Ragnarok Will Make Your Jaw Drop

It’s Freaking Cool

Marvel Cinematic Universe dazzled us with many movies in recent times. Especially this year with Logan, and soon with the amazing Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

But this year the guys from Marvel have another incredible movie coming, Thor: Ragnarok. While they keep us on the wait of the incredible conclusion it will be Avengers: Infinity Wars. As they’ve given us a treat with the first trailer of the film.

thor ragnarok
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Ragnarok is here

The clip shows us incredible action, fighting, and explosion scenes. But that’s not all the trailer has. Since it had to display some awesome stuff to not fall behind the other MCU movies of 2017.

Besides the jaw-dropping scenes we get on it there is also some really cool stuff that leaves us craving for more. Especially Hulk’s “cameo”.

New bad girl in town

Of the things the trailer reveals is that the villain for this movie will be Hela, the goddess of death. Also, we see that she’s pretty badass and powerful since she breaks Mijölnir, Thor’s magical hammer that Thor couldn’t even lift.

Not only that but we also see Loki, Hela’s father on the clip. But we don’t know for sure if they will team up or fight against. If we still have any doubt of her power she even blows up all Asgard in one take of the trailer.

thor ragnarok
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Connecting dots

This destruction of Asgard might be what Heimdall is referring to Thor on his vision on Avengers 2. As he says to Thor that he will lead Asgard to Hell, may be referring to Hela itself. Along with that that we finally see that Heimdall will appear on the film.

Also if we consider Dr Strange’s last scenes in which they’re trying to talk to Loki and Odin, maybe trying to warn about Hela or something she was trying to avoid.

thor ragnarok
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Smashing cinemas

We get an appearance of the Valkyries as they fight Hela. But also as the last ones standing by side of the “Grand Master.” As they end up recruiting Thor for their gladiator’s planet. Where the epic scene with Hulk takes place.

We don’t know how and why Hulk is there yet. Since he is shown in a gladiator outfit, very in the Hulk planet fashion. To add more incredible things to the trailer it’s pretty cool to see the Marvel using Led Zeppelin. The movie will be released in November of this year.

thor ragnarok
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