‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Were Completely Surreal, Check Them Out

What A Rush

For its 12th season the NBC’s blockbuster vocal competition show, “The Voice” returned with the strongest vocalists from across the country. Although new voices are always the best part of the show, this time it also returned with an innovative format featuring four stages of competition: the first begins with the blind audition, then the battle round, the brand new knockouts and finally, the live performance shows.

After four weeks of auditions and rehearsals, the teams are finally set and now the battle is on. During the battle rounds, the singers battled against each other in front of the coaches and the audience.

“The Voice” coaches. Credits: NBC

Brennley Brown Vs. Lauren Duski

Young pop-country artists Brennley Brown and Lauren Duski sang “Better Man” by Little Big Town representing Team Blake. Shelton had to save just one of them and the chosen was Duski. Levine and Stefani both swooped in to save Brown, who certainly shows a lot of potential but the fifteen-years-old girl decided to join Team Gwen.

JChosen Vs. Kenny P

The second battle was between JChosen and Kenny P from Team Gwen. The men sang “I Was Made To Love Her” by Stevie Wonder. Because of his solid vocals, Levine immediately said that he wanted JChosen on his own team but he didn’t have the opportunity to steal him since Stefani chose him as the winner, and Kenny P went home.

The Voice. Credits: Via Youtube.

Anatalia Villaranda Vs. Missy Robertson

Team Keys, Anatalia Villaranda and Missy Robertson who as Alicia said have powerful voices, were singing “Tightrope” by Janelle Monae. It’s such a tough song to sing, but both girls were up to the challenge of the fast tempo of the song and managed to stay on pitch. Alicia’s final decision was to keep the younger artist on her team and unfortunately Robertson was not stolen by the other coaches.

The Voice. Credits: Via Youtube.

Gaby Borromeo Vs. Mark Isaiah

Levine’s first battle pairing of the season was Gaby Borromeo and Mark Isaiah, who sang “Pillowtalk” by Zayn. Even when they artists didn’t have great chemistry with each other, they did sound great, bringing quite a show to the table. In the end, Levine chose Isaiah as the winner and Borromeo had to go home.

Felicia Temple Vs. Quizz Swanigan

Felicia and Quizz were singing “Titanium” as part of Alicia’s team, the coach who chose that specifically song to take them out of their genre boxes. Both artists worked on the harmonies together and showed a lot of improvement between rehearsals and their performance. After they delivered an emotional show, Keys sided with Stefani preference and chose Swanigan but then Shelton chose Temple, saying that there’s no one else like her on his team.

Ashley Levin Vs. Casi Joy

The Team Blake gave the final Battle of the night, starring Ashley Levin and Casi Joy who sang “How Blue.” This was a difficult one due both artists have a very similar style of singing so the night ended on a high note and a pitch-perfect performance. Even when Levin and Joy are both really strong country artists with a lot to give Blake went with Joy, leaving Levin on the chopping block, who then joined Team Alicia.

The Voice. Credits: Via Youtube.

Source: Billboard


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