Terminator 2 In 3D Is Back, Check Out The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic

“Terminator 2: Judgement Day” Is Coming All The Way Back From 1991

Terminator is a classic movie. Despite you being a huge action or sci-fi film’s fan or not you know these movies are huge. Especially since it blends the best of those two genres to the point of reaching pop culture status. Also, being Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biggest role ever. Now “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” is coming all its way back from 1991 to movie theaters in a 3D format.

As the reboot trailer remembering us, the film has been released. Reminding us why this saga was so awesome. Also, updating the image making it look as good as new. Also adding some of the most epic scenes and phrases like “Hasta la vista, Baby,” “Come with me if you wanna live,” “Get Down,” and “I’ll be back”.

terminator 2 3D
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He is back, as promised

The Terminator said he will be back and he is. Since John Connor will always send him back in time to save himself from robot assassins from the future. Now the “Judgement Day” will happen again this year, something that seems more likely than ever. As the first trailer shows iconic scenes of the film from the legendary franchise directed by James Cameron. It has been remastered and looking as good as if they’ve been recorded yesterday. Despite it have been 20 years.

With Sarah Connor fighting for her and the child’s life, epic and deadly cyborgs battling against each other, special effects that still look pretty great, and shots and explosions everywhere. Along with some epic performances from Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Prepared for more

The film is pretty awesome. Also, it will come out on August 25th, wich is four days before the day when Skynet was supposed to become self-aware and take over the world. Many movies have been doing the reboot thing. Through the live-action method, like many Disney movies, or remastering it, and despite criticism, it has been a pretty successful move. Especially in the 3D aspect.

Some of them have been Titanic 3D, endorsing $343.5 million, The Lion King 3D grossing $185.5 million, and Jurassic Park 3D an amount of $116.5 million. Proving not only that the formula works but also why these movies were and still are successful. Besides the re-release of Terminator might be very useful if you think of it. Since it will be preparing us for a Skynet-ish thing, if it ever bursts out, as it makes perfect sense in modern days where we are so obsessed with technology.

terminator 2 3D
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