Terminator 2 Gets Covered As A Grand Theft Auto Game

I Can’t Believe Someone Actually Did This

Terminator has become a cultural reference, being its second installment “Judgement Day” the breakthrough of the saga and most successful one. Now the movie it’s getting remastered in modern days. Not only a new 3D rebooted version that will hit theaters this summer but also someone has done a GTA condensed version of the movie.

Recreating movies, trailers, scenes and even music videos in a GTA “format” ain’t something new. But the amazing thing is that someone actually took the time to recreate practically the movie through the video game’s aesthetics. Even though it’s a bit odd, it’s also a good tribute to James Cameron’s early 90 ‘s cult movie.

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Terminator 2 GTA 5

The video makes a summed version of the film “Terminator 2: Judgement Day,” as if it was played in the game “Grand Theft Auto V”. Taking us back again to the dystopian Los Angeles from the movies. Where a war between mankind and machines has reached a crucial point. Also, bringing once again some classic lines like “Hasta la vista, Baby,” “Come with me if you wanna live,” “Get Down,” and “I’ll be back”.

It seems that Terminator has more than one way to come back. Not only on the films or via John Connor sending him to the past. But through fan made films involving video games. In this case, it was done by Kramer’s Media. That not only took his time to recreate the most iconic parts of the film but also gave GTA and its graphics an artistic touch.

Kramers impressive machine

Kramer is a total master of the Grand Theft Auto cinematic, James Cameron might even be proud of it. Since he recreated the movie and its numerous iconic action and key scenes, including the epic ending. Showing also that he has the time to spare. Making an hour of it, cutting its movie in only half as long as the original film.

Also, he used the original audio track. Something that helped him achieve and recreate the original movie’s tone. Even though it’s very loyal to the original film, it has his own lovely touch. Being lovely reconstructed using settings and characters from the GTA 5 world. Another thing that helps the Terminator 2 adaptation, is that both the movie and the game take place in Los Angeles. Making it perfect for everything you need to make the movie come alive in video game fan-edit form.




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