After Six Years, Taylor Swift And Katy Perry’s FEUD Finally Ends

Katy Perry Even Sent An Apology Letter To Swift

After almost six years, Katy Perry sends an apology letter to Swift and ended the ongoing feud.

Taylor Swift is about to start his tour “Reputation” so she shared with all her fans a video of a package sent by Katy Perry herself. In this package we could see a note with the word “miscommunications” and “I am deeply sorry”.

by Canoe

As royalty would end a feud

For those who do not know, olive branches were used in the past as a symbol of peace.

All have theories that the rivalry of the singers materialized with the song of Tay Bad Blood. Supposedly, it spoke directly of Katy, while Swish Swish is said to speak about Taylor. Will it really be true?

In the Instagram story of Taylor’s account shows a cute package that contains an olive branch and a written note that starts with: “Hello old friend” (the puppy sticker was something very cute from the letter)

“I just came to my dressing room and found this real olive branch,” Taylor said in the video.

“This means a lot to me.”

I think more than one person repeated the video trying to find out what it says in the letter, but it was not so easy LOL.

 Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ongoing feud since 2014

They have not been friends since 2014. That year, it came to light the release of the success of Tay Bad Blood, no doubt this song marked more rumors.

Taylor talks about a fight with a recognized star in a Rolling Stone interview at the time. She confessed that the person did something “so horrible” that made them “direct enemies”

“Basically, she tried to sabotage a whole tour of the stadium. I try to hire a group of people under me.”

After this interview turned into a boom, Katy Perry countered with a tweet. Being a bit sarcastic and talking about Regina George, that was so FETCH.

Katy added:

‘She would not talk to me. I do the right thing any time it feels like a loose ball. It was a total closure and then she writes a song about me and I’m like “OK, great, great, great, is that how you want to deal with that?”

ON FIRE! Yes, after all these statements, Katy Perry apologizes to Taylor during a live interview on YouTube 24 hours before her album Witness was released last year

“I’m ready to let it go” she clarified.

“Absolutely, 100%, I forgive her. I’m sorry for everything I did. I expect the same from her, and I think, in reality, I think it’s time.”

Is this a divine sign that will end the sorrows? Oh hell YES! And the fans took advantage of the situation to celebrate with some ironic tweets.

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