5 Celebrities That Love Animals More Than Anyone

Even Though They Work Hard As Public Personalities, Time Is Not Scarce To Take Care Of Animals

We know them from movies, shows, pop songs or any other celebrity-related media. But what you may not know is that in their free time, they fight for the rights of animals because they have great love for them.

Betty White has served in leadership positions in multiple animal organizations, including the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. Image Credit: Huffington Post

From adopting cute little puppies, to stand in defense of larger and non-domestic mammals, these celebrities has made great contributions to the animal world. The PETA Association has recognized some of them.

Ian Somerhalder

He’s not only the bad boy all girls love from Vampire Diaries but also an addict of animal adoptions and a crusader for their rights. He has adopted from your typical cats and dogs, to even a horse! And if that wasn’t enough, he has started the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, with a goal of ending animal testing, ending animal extinction and promote the conservation of the endangered species.

Ian Somerhalder for the Model Citizen Campaign. Image Credit: Animal Fair

Jon Stewart

The former host of The Daily Show found on of the best ways to enjoy retirement: Transforming his 12-acre property into an animal sanctuary. The Bufflehead Farm is a nonprofit heaven for goats, cows, sheep’s, turkeys, and the list goes on. Some of its wild members come from rescued shelters and slaughterhouses. And with all the free time in the world, Stewart is now making plans to expand the farm to grow crops to feed the animals.

The Stewarts welcomed Anna and Maybelle onto their farm last year after they were found on a roadside. Image Credit: Facebook/The Daily Squeal


It’s not just that her debut album was called Animal. Ke$ha has proven on numerous occasions where she stands where it comes to the defense of not just mascots, but larger animals from Africa. She even earned the 2013 Wyler Award from The Humane Society of the United States. In her concerts, the pop-star usually delivers a message about the cruelty against lions and sharks and supporting cruelty-free cosmetics.

Kesha appearing at thanksgiving night on “Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular.” Image Credit: 92 Pro FM

Ellen DeGeneres

Anyone that follows her in social media and television knows that Ellen DeGeneres is consistently using her talk show as a platform for animal activism. Not only she focuses on pets, but also bigger animal farms, through the Ellen’s Pet Indicative. She’s also a co-owner of a pet care products company and is constantly giving shout-outs to animal shelters on her website. She’s currently the owner of three cats and three dogs.

Ellen DeGeneres is an advocate for animal rights and animal rescue organizations. Image Credit: Celebuzz

Charlize Theron

The famous actress has been a public image for animal’s rights. It has posed for the cover of Animal Fair magazine, has promoted anti-fur campaigns and a PETA supporter. Not only that, but she has rescued and adopted four dogs. Having been born on a South African farm, her love for animals have come from growing so close to them. For an actress that is constantly cast as villains or serial killers, she does have a soft spot for her fur-friends.



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