Taylor Swift On Fire Winning Song of the Year At The CMAs

Little Big Town’s Hit Song, “Better Man” Got Taylor A Win

Taylor Swift won the Song of the Year award on Wednesday’s CMA. While the singer was not present at the ceremony, she still delivered a cute reaction on social media.

Taylor won the award for her song ‘Better Man,’ which she wrote for Little Big Town. Little Big Town also won vocal group of the year at the CMAs.

And the winner is, Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift has lots to celebrate this week. Her album just dropped on Friday midnight, her upcoming ‘Saturday Night Live’ guest appearance, and now a Song of the Year CMA Award.

While the singer wasn’t able to attend the CMAs because she’s in New York City rehearsing for this weekend’s upcoming ‘SNL’, she was definitely there in full spirit.

Taylor shared on her social media a video that caught her surprise and excitement when she was announced as the winner of Song of the Year, on Wednesday night.

She won for her song ‘Better Man,’ which she wrote and Little Big Town sang.

This is Swift’s 12th CMA Award and the first since 2013 when she nabbed four honors. She won her first in 2007 and has now 12 under her belt.

During the acceptance speech, Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild expressed how special it was to the group because Taylor thought of them when she wrote it.

“She sent us this song, and it was one that was really special to her,” she explained.

“And she thought of us because of the harmonies, and she’s never pitched a song to anyone before and the moment that we heard it we were like, ‘Man, that is a song that we’re gonna cut.’”


Apolitical artists

On Thursday, the co-hosts of ABC’s ‘The View’ discussed country singers’ Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley’s light-hearted “protest” song about President Donald Trump at the 2017 Country Music Awards.

The discussion carried on to whether it’s appropriate for everyone to speak out.

“My favorite country artists are political,” started Meghan McCain.

“My all-time favorite ever, Johnny [Cash] and June [Carter] were deeply political people. Obviously, performing at Folsom Prison at the time was a very controversial thing to do.”

And then host Joy Behar highlighted the importance of political statements in these days.

“Well, I think in these times that we’re living in right now, which are serious and difficult and dangerous because of the person in the White House, I think it’s incumbent on all good people to speak out if they can.”

When McCain asked her if she judges Swift for her political silence she quipped.

“I’m just making a suggestion.”

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