‘Stranger Things’ Star Shannon Purser Reveals She’s Bisexual

So.. Barb Is Bi You Guys

On Tuesday, Shannon Purser came out as bisexual on Twitter. In an emotional message, she opened up after being backlash for some Riverdale fans for “queerbaiting.”

The actress had previously talked about her anxiety for her sexuality. Fans supported her and shared the love with her. So glad you’re coming to terms with yourself.

Coming out as bisexual

The actress who had her breakout role as Barb on the Netflix hit Stranger Things is now starring in the show Riverdale. On Tuesday she posted a candid message on Twitter and revealed she’s bisexual and is still trying to come to terms with her feelings.

Shannon posted the emotional message in response to backlash from Riverdale regarding a same-sex kiss between two female characters.Some fans were upset over the kiss attempt to attract LGBT viewers to the show, Shannon poked fun at fans and they felt angry. So she posted:


Is A Very Personal struggle

On April 11, the actress revealed she was struggling with her sexuality. She also admitted having anxiety over her sexuality.She said, “I know what it’s like to have anxiety about it. Especially trying to come to terms with it and my faith. It can be really scary.”

Overcoming difficulties and loving yourself

The actress had previously discussed with Us Weekly about overcoming self-harming and depression and feeling so isolated and unworthy of love.

She also explained how through therapy and her faith she was able to recover. She said at the time, “In the end, that can be how it destroys us if we don’t let people into our struggle. And as cliché as it sounds, if you really make the effort, you can get better and you can live not just a hard life, but a beautiful life.”

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Fans and friends quickly supported her

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