Bill Nye New Show ‘Bill Saves The World’ Theme Song Was Composed By Tyler the Creator

It Premieres On Friday, April 21st On Netflix

Science has had an “It’s complicated” relationship with many of us through our lives. As we sometimes really hated it due it’s technicality. Many others, especially in recent times, love it because we can all see how awesome and powerful it’s.

This new glance of science has been provided to us through TV shows. As we have Rick and Morty, Breaking Bad, Dr Who, Mr Robot and much more. The truly original show that showed us that science was really badass was Bill Nye. Now he’ll have a new show on Netflix that we are sure it will live to the expectations.

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Nye’s new style

Everybody’s favorite and energetic scientist is getting back to our screens. Since he has straightened his bowtie and smoothed his shirt, and it’s ready to bring back the passion for science and technology as he used to do back in the 90’s.

As Bill will come back after twenty-five years of making science cool on Saturday mornings on his PBS show while wearing a bowtie. But obviously, to do so he had to get a more actual tone. So he contacted a famous fan of his show to give his show that extra energy, that he himself has always had. The surprise fan is Tyler the Creator, odd right? But he loves Bill and used to love his show so he helped the lovely scientist to add some new style to his opening theme song.

Nye’s got the Odd Future frontman and rapper new Netflix show, that will be called “Bill Nye Saves the World,” to produced and remaster his theme song. As Tyler’s strange, geeky and crazy style and tone can be appreciated on the new version of the song. Also, Tyler confessed to being a longtime fan of Bill’s show on a conversation they had. A very clever and smart move for Bill to do, as this will surely get him more fans on the younger generations.

On the conversation between Tyler and Bill, Tyler recalled why he liked the show and why made it so awesome.  “It would come on Saturday morning before the cartoons. My favorite part was the location. It was always like, this random—you never really knew where the wall ended. That show got kids to not hate science class. That full-on worked.” To what Bill, full of excitement as always, thanked Tyler, as he got the concept of the show. “That was the whole idea: The world is the laboratory, we’re having the coolest time because we’re in the world,” said Nye.

After that Bill also asked Tyler if he liked the original version of the song. “Yeah the first one is really sick, I love the fast-pacedness of it. You take out that snare, it could be a house song.” Tyler replied. For the newer version of the song Tyler gets the bass up and adds it his dorky geeky touch. As he shouts “Bill! Bill!” followed then by “saves the wooorld.” Giving it the nerdy yet cool balance for Nye to use. To what once again Nye praised Tyler “He’s the man,” Nye says before hugging it out with Tyler. “He got the beat. He understood the beat.”

 Bill published his new song through social media, again appealing to the younger generations. Gaining a lot of positive responses and excitement for a long time, and some new, fans.
Even though it might seem that Bill wouldn’t be a modern times to-go option as a hero to “Save the World,” he certainly is doing his best to achieve it. As he will educate younger generations, but in a more critic way that he did back in the day. Each episode will cover a single topic but some are politically controversial. So it’s not the childish version that ran on PBS from 1993 until 1998. As some of the topics will be climate change, alternative medicine, artificial intelligence, and gender and sexuality, for example.
All of this as Nye looks for education and for younger generations to get involved in his fight, that science can really help us and that despite all the horrendous signs we’re not actually doomed as a society. As Nye will also include experts that help him educate and break through everything. Counting with segments, interviews and special correspondents like supermodel Karlie Kloss and YouTuber Derek Muller.

Despite this show having a more grown up side, it’s when we watch Nye’s approach on these topics that you start getting why he “Saves the World”. As he always adds an optimistic case out of every theme. All of this is pretty appreciated especially due the controversial political times we live in. “Bill Nye Saves the World” premieres on Friday, April 21st on Netflix.

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