Check Out How This Girl Went From Typical Girlfriend To A Twitter Famous #StrandedBae

I’m Not Really Sure What Happend.. It’s Too Much

Twitter delivered a huge drama the other day and we thought you might like it. Two Twitter users had a cute and romantic weekend planned, but it all turned into a tragic breakup that happened just in front of our eyes.

The tragic and dramatic story resulted in the trend #Stranded Bae as the girl got stranded at the airport, duh. Both parts are still tweeting but the girlfriend opened up about the whole thing and is just shocking.


Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine’s Day was more than a week ago, but many couples celebrated it this past weekend. One of those couples were Twitter users Aaron and M’Kalia.

These guys have been together for a few months now and decided to meet in D.C for the romantic holiday. Aaron paid for M’Kalia’s flight and once she got there she found teddy bears, flowers and even a t-shirt with her face on, and she naturally thought it was legit as hell.

Not so fast honey

But things turned tragic real fast, as the day came when she had to fly back to Houston, where she lives, and somehow she missed the flight.

This is when things became confusing and tragic. She tried to reach out for Aaron but he was missed in action and was literally nowhere to be found, M’Kalia began to worry and talked to the family and friends and no one knew a thing about him.

Damn, you got ghosted.

Hours passed and M’Kalia was still at the airport all by herself and that’s when she knew…M’Kalia is pretty close to Aaron’s sister, and she told her that Aaron had Snapped a picture with another girl. That’s when M’Kalia knew she was being bad ghosted. That’s also when the drama began.

She went back to his place and literally tried to knock down his door to talk to him, and it ended up with the police involved since he said he didn’t want her in his house.

Becoming #StrandedBae

Anger and defeated M’Kalia turned to Twitter to explain the whole thing, details included and all. The tragic valentine’s tale quickly became a trend and people got hooked on the drama.

Not only M’Kalia showed us all the exhibits but Aaron also turned to Twitter to defend himself. That’s how you make a huge fight go viral. That’s also how you deliver a meme and live on the Internet forever and ever.

Image Credit: Complex
Image Credit: Complex

M’Kalia opens up about it.

M’Kalia opened up about the whole missed calls, infamous Snapchats and hurt egos situation and said that when she delivered the thread her intention was not to get attention but out of anger.

She said “It wasn’t [to] get people to bash him, it was simply out of anger because it was like, I was basically a girlfriend who just found out she got cheated on. I really didn’t know it was gonna blow up this big.”

M’Kalia also talked about what she wants to come from the viral #StradedBae trend. She said “Now I just wanna reach out to females and let them know it’s not smart to just go fly out to a man that you haven’t even known for almost a year. It’s not smart to even depend on anybody. Just because somebody says they love you, [they] care about you, or “I’m gonna make sure you’re okay”—it doesn’t mean that they’re obligated to do it, it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna do it. You just have to basically depend on yourself.”

She’s planning to meet with #HurtBae, Court, and try to make something good out of the dramatic situation. If you’re wondering, she’s completely done with Aaron after everything that happened.

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