All You Need To Know About Pretty Little Liars’ Final Season

We’ve Got Some Crazy Fans Theories Going Over Here

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The Pretty Little Liars Final Season premiered on Tuesday and the besties are back for some dark drama. That’s right, the Rosewood besties are back for the last time and we got only nine more episodes to go.

These final episodes aren’t going to be just a sentimental farewell, no. The girls are final finally getting some real answers and so are we.

Big red ribbon box

On Tuesday, ABC aired the very first episode of the Pretty Little Liars final season. After seven dramatic seasons full of mysteries and revelations the Liars are getting some closure.

This is what the very first episode left us. SPOILER ALERT. First, there’s a new twisted game given to the girls by A.D. I’m talking about a big red bow present which turned out to be a super high-tech board game, with cell phones and a little model of Rosewood.

The game takes and it also gives, as we already know who Spencer’s mom is. Seems like A.D will deliver some truths as the girls meet the game’s dares.


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What’s up later in the season

During a recent interview, PLL’s panel executive producer Marlene King and the PLL crew dropped some hints about what to expect in this final season. The final episodes bound to be loaded with drama and also answers. The mysteries will finally be solved, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be smaller mysteries popping in.

Also, most of the question are answered in the penultimate episode and the final episode is more like a movie, in fact, is a two-hour event, so prep yourself for it.The Liars are getting their happily ever after, apparently, there’s more than one wedding and a love triangle is solved in a “really mature way” according to King.

There’s another time jump but this time it will be only a one year flash forward, not five years like in season 6. It will happen between the nineteenth and twentieth episode.

The writers are scratching one from the bucket’s list and are getting a musical episode. apparently, La La Land really got the best of us and we’ll love to see the Liars signing.

Our very own Troian Bellisario is directing episode 15 so get ready!  And since we’re talking about the cast, here’s a new character jumping in Actress Ava Allan will be playing Addison. And former cast members are coming back, and I’m talking even of the random one like Holden.

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There are some pretty good theories about this final season

PLL’s fandom has come with the craziest theories and we have them here for you.

Theory 1: All the people who were supposedly behind “A” were just working for Uber A.First it was Charlotte, and then Mona and fans think they were all just distractions.

Theory 2: There’s more than one twin taking in. Some fans have developed the theory that Spencer has a twin, which would explain why she hook up with Hannah’s ex and that she referred to Uber A as AD earlier.

Theory 2.1: Spencer’s twin is taking over her life. This would explain why Spencer has acted like she did, and also the bangs, like really. And the weird outfit she had at season 7’s finale and the lack of her friendship necklace.

Theory 4: Aria Montgomery is A.D. This theory has been on for a while. This theory’s guides include A and Aria having the same garment bag and the camera turning to Aria whenever A is mentioned.

Theory 5: Aria’s uncle is actually her dad and also A.D. Aria’s dad Byron has mentioned his brother Scott many time, but we still haven’t seen him yet. There’s a mystery surrounding Scott that seems to point out to Scott being sent to Radley Sanitarium where he met Mary Drake and fathered both Charlotte and Mary’s other daughter. This way A.D would stand for Aria’s Dad.

Theory 6: Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby. So, Emily’s eggs were stolen from the donation center, fans believe they were fertilized in Alison when she was hospitalized in Archer.

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