Orange Is The New Black Season Five Is Here And We Are Dying!

Will Daya Shoot The Guard? How Will The Inmates Live Now?

Orange is the New Black’s season finale was aired on Saturday, and there’s so much to say about it. In a one of a kind fifth season, the show kept surprising fans till the end.

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black

When Orange is the New Black first debuted in 2013, the show became one of its kind for several reasons. For starters, it went into a territory never explored before, what happens in a women’s prison?


The first two seasons focused on, respectively, Piper Chapman’s first few weeks in prison and the growing war between the inmates. During these two seasons, the show was penetrated to the public’s consciousness and even got nominated for an Emmy.

Season three was messier, by design, telling the story of the last few moments of Litchfield prison’s change from a public institution to a privatized one. Season four revealed its cards late, the show built a slow-boiling but ultimately damning, critique of corporate influence over American life. And the tendency of businesses to think of human beings as numbers on a ledger.

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Brand new season for OITNB

Season four also delivered what would design, ignite and give greater sense to season five. The killing of Poussey, a beloved character that would ignite Litchfield into a riot. We then prepared for a one of a kind season, which would take place in only three days, where the prison, and the show, seem to be practically in reversal.

The guards are now hostages, the inmates are preventing other people getting in instead of biding their time to get out. And within the walls of Litchfield, the prisoners are now just a little bit free.

With sudden power comes sudden responsibility. The newly unstructured Litchfield, with its population of poorly treated inmates, is fertile ground for chaos. So, we get to see the darkness of humanity.

With this freedom, the inmates also find their emotional narrative now altered, and find themselves with the opportunity to explore their present. Instead of focusing on their past.

Summing up, Orange continues to be an incredible show exploring life, freedom, and humanity in a unique and quite awesome way.

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