Netflix’s Secret Codes Allows You To Unlock Hidden Features

Don’t Waste Anymore Time Browsing, Use The Codes And Watch What You Want

Netflix’s codes to access different genres were revealed earlier his week. The codes introduce to a wide range of specific categories that will save viewers time while streaming the content.

Netflix has been aggressively expanding worldwide, and is now present in some 190 markets, making it the leading service for streaming or on-demand television. So you can imagine how many people are happy about this secret codes.

Don’t waste any more time browsing, use this secret Netflix codes

Valuable hours can be wasted browsing through Netflix‘s collection of movies and shows, that until now that dedicated sites compiled lists of codes that give you access to specific genres.So, if you know exactly the kind of thing you would like to watch, there’s a secret list of codes that can help you unlock dozens of hidden categories – no matter the niche of your taste.

All you have to do is change the code at the end of the website URL to access the various genres and sub-genres.The categories go from classic or normal mass appeal categories, like romantic comedies (5475) and political dramas (6616) to baseball movies (12339) and crime documentaries (9875).

But there are also categories if you have more specific tastes, you can search for 20th century period pieces with Meryl Streep (74188) or zombie horror movies (75405).

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Going big and definitely not home!

Last week Netflix said it had added five million new subscribers in the past three months as profits doubled. Meaning that the third quarter ended with 104million paid subscribers, and with international memberships hitting 52.7million.

The company is having an incredible growth, with net profits jumping to more than the double compared to the same period a year ago.Netflix has been aggressively expanding worldwide and has become the leading service for streaming or on-demand television, and is now present in some 190 markets.

Also, the company announced on Monday its plans to offer $1.6 billion in new debt to fund its expanded content for 2018.For 2017, original content is estimated to represent more than 25% of total programming spending, and that “will continue to grow,” Netflix said.

Netflix already announced it expects to release around 80 original films next year, according to chief content officer Ted Sarandos, up from about 50 this year.

The proposed debt offering would be Netflix’s biggest to the date, and marks the fourth time in less than three years that it’s raised $1 billion or more through bonds. Which includes, $1.4 billion in new debt financing this spring, after $1 billion in the fall of 2016 and $1.5 billion in February 2015.

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