These Netflix TV Series Are Worthy Of Binge-Watching All Night Long

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Netflix has been one of the best inventions of modern times. As it has practically displaced TV and has become one of the top sources of entertainment. It also allows us to watch our favorite shows fluidly.

Along with that Netflix has created an incredible amount of original content that is also worthy of binge-watching. So for you to enjoy better your Netflix, we are giving you 5 top shows you should binge watch on it. Besides classics like “Breaking Bad” or “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

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5. Orange Is The New Black

One of the most known and beloved series of our times, and also a Netflix original. The show isn’t only well done as it gives you an emotional roller coaster of fun, drama and much more. But it also features an incredible female predominant cast, something very hard to find in mainstream shows.

Also, the story that sets you in a women’s prison is really incredible. As you get stoked not only by the characters situations but also with their interactions.

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4. Archer

One for the adult cartoon lovers. As it’s politically incorrect humor along with the well-created characters is perfect for anyone who loves wicked jokes. Along with it are the tumultuous interactions between the characters.

Embodying perfectly the chaotic office atmosphere, but only that it’s in a spy agency. Besides the fact that all the characters want to get laid with one another and their questionable ethics adds a bit of that real life touch to it.

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3.Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends

Netflix is also full of incredible documentaries and Theroux’s series of them is incredible. As the documentaries leave you surprised by how odd is really society, to the point, it seems like a comedy show.

This along Theroux’s hilarious way of being makes it all more funny and surreal, even though it’s not meant to be like that. The series of documentaries explore porn industry, swingers, professional wrestling and more of the hidden aspects of everyday life.

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2.Stranger Things

One of the most known series of our times and a worldwide phenomenon. The incredible series that takes 80’s nostalgia and blends it with sci-fi horror in an exceptional way. Along, an incredible story that makes you fall in love with it and the incredibly well-developed characters.

Stranger Things is as fun to watch as it is short. After you finish it you will be waiting for Halloween dearly as it’s when the second season of the show is premiering.

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1.Black Mirror

Another Netflix original and one of the most epic shows ever. As not only binge-watching it is hard, as it really leaves you disgusted with mankind and society. But also the incredible critic to society leaves you reflecting.

All of this is done by taking a hit in modern obsession with technology and social conventions. Besides the show does all of that in 3 episodes per season so it’s really powerful and deserves a total watch.

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