Netflix Unveils New Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer At Comic-Con

The Duffy Brothers Are Giving Us An Amazing Season Two Just In Time For Halloween

During the ‘Stranger Things’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the cast and creators assembled to unveil new information, as well as a scary new trailer.

The hour-long panel was also marked by the cast’s funny stories. Also by the creator’s reflection of how the show started and where it’s going.

Season 2 gets scarier and darker

The cast and creators of ‘Stranger Things‘ arrived in Hall H on Saturday and really delivered and graced us with a new trailer.

Earlier this month, Netflix unveiled a new poster and a sneak peek, which comes together with the scary new trailer, that confirms that things will get harder and darker for the kids.

The new trailer starts out with the kids at a video arcade, playing Dragon’s Lair. Will gets a vision of the Upside Down outside the arcade, complete with a red, stormy, supernatural sky.

Later he says, “I saw something. I felt it everywhere.”

The boys, wearing Ghostbusters costumes, have the kind of trap that the Ghostbusters used, and something is clearly within it.

The trailer ends with the first look at fan-favorite Eleven in action.

The new trailer comes a little more than a week after ‘Stranger Things’ scored 18 Emmy nominations, including one for outstanding drama series.

Season 2 debuts October 27.

A long way back

Earlier in the panel, asked what the genesis of the show was, Matt Duffer said, “We’re big movie nerds — that’s what we wanted to do. We started to get into television as it became more cinematic.”

The brothers said they thought about “what would be the ultimate long movie — Spielberg directing a big, fat Stephen King book. That was the dream, that was the ambition,” Ross Duffer said.

Shawn Levy said he became aware of the project when an executive he works with said he had to drop everything and read the “Stranger Things” script, he was immediately into it.

“We didn’t know if anyone was going to let us make it. We definitely didn’t know if anyone was going to watch it”.  He wanted to do all he could to get “Stranger Things” on screen.

The cast was tight-lipped when it came to Season 2 spoilers. Still, there were a few fun facts scattered through the panel. Millie Bobbie Brown didn’t like crying, Caleb McLaughlin needed help with slingshot training, Sheriff Hopper won’t strip in Season 2, and Barb is getting her revenge.

It was also revealed that Paul Reiser joins the cast. He plays an authority figure trying to deal with the crisis in Hawkins. “I come in to clean up the situation,” Reiser said.

Sadie Sink plays Max. A character who joins the group of boys. And Dacre Montgomery takes on a character he described as “a human antagonist.”

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