Lindsay Lohan Is Back In Showbiz With A New Reality Called ‘The Anti-Social Network’

She’s The Perfect Match For This

On Tuesday Lindsay Lohan surprised us with the news of an upcoming TV show The Anti-Social Network. Via Twitter, the actress told us everything about it and it seems intriguing, just imagine her putting people through challenges to find out how worthy are their social media for them.

Lindsay is the perfect match for this show, after all, she’s a self-proclaimed social media savant. And prank, she’s a master at those too, just remember The Parent Trap.


She’s back.

Lindsay Lohan took us by surprise when she announced her TV comeback on Tuesday. The 30-year-old actress shared via Twitter the trailer of her new show, The Anti-Social Network.

The show is currently being shopped for distribution and Lindsay decided to tease us about it already. Looking better than ever and extremely excited, Linds explains her comeback to fans.

The girl is really on business and taking it seriously she said, “I want to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth. And I am really, good.”

The Anti-Social Media.

In the show, Lindsay will put her expertise to good use as she takes over the contestants’ social media and puts them through different challenges for prizes.  After all, she’s a self-proclaimed social media savant.

The sneak peak shows us her first victim, Charlie who had to pose naked for an art class, perform stand-up comedy and even declare his love. If that’s just the sneak peak, I can’t even imagine the rest of it.

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Projects and news.

This new show is Lindsay’s first TV project since her 2014 docuseries with Oprah Winfrey on OWN. The docuseries documented Lindsay’s attempts to rehabilitate her life and career.

Lindsay dropped out the showbiz and spent the past few years devoted to philanthropic work in Syria and Turkey. Now she’s making a return with The Anti-Social Network and an upcoming horror film The Shadow Within.

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