Lady Gaga Supports Ed Sheeran After He’s Targeted by Online Bullies

Gaga Showed Some Support For The Red Head Singer.

Lady Gaga took to Instagram to show some support to Ed Sheeran. The move came after the singer admitted he quit Twitter because of Internet trolls.

Ed made the announcement earlier this week, and while fans were probably a little disappointed to hear the news, Lady Gaga was totally in support of the “Shape of You” singer’s decision.

Back off, trolls, Lady Gaga has Ed’s back

On Monday, Ed Sheeran made a revelation about social media. The “Shape of You” singer revealed that he stopped using Twitter because of the pervasiveness of negative comments on the social media platform.The singer went on explaining and said that among those who internet trolls were Lady Gaga fans.

“Lady Gaga’s fanbase read an interview in which they assumed I was talking about her and they all hate.” Sheeran said. ;”And it wasn’t anything to do with that at all…So I think Twitter gets on a massive steam roll of assuming things and then you get in the s—.”

And Lady Gaga, being the Mother Monster she is, didn’t let that stand and quickly took her Instagram, not Twitter, to put out a call to action to her Little Monsters.

The message was clear: stand down.

“What an incredible talented artist I LOVE ED. [He] deserves all our love and respect like all humans do. I wish all people on the internet would be positive and loving and apart of creating an online community that is kind and empowering, not hateful and mean,” Gaga wrote alongside a photo of her with Sheeran.

“No reason to tear down an artist simply because they are on top. Work harder to be kinder everybody. That should be your first duty to humanity.”

False alarm, he’s not quitting

The musician caused a stir amongst media outlets after quotes published in The Sun on Monday led the internet to believe he might be leaving Twitter for good.

“I’ve actually come off Twitter completely. I can’t read it,” the singer said.

“I go on it and there’s nothing but people saying mean things. Twitter’s a platform for that. One comment ruins your day. But that’s why I’ve come off it. The head-f— for me has been trying to work out why people dislike me so much.”

Celebrities have long had a tenuous relationship with social media. One-time Twitter users like Kanye West, Emma Stone, and Louis C.K. have all left the platform completely while others, like Leslie Jones, have taken extended breaks. And last year Ed took some time off from social media and even his cell phone.

But on Wednesday, Sheeran clarified, saying, “I haven’t quit anything, I’m just not reading anything, except Harry Potter.” So while Sheeran doesn’t spend much time on the platform, he won’t delete his account just yet.

Source: Billboard

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