Celine Dion Strips Down For Vogue As She Lives The Couture Dream

Celine Dion Is Currently Involved In The Most Amazing Project With Vogue, During The Couture Fashion Week.

Celine Dion documented her every move during the Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Thanks to Vogue’s social media.The move is part of a project called “#CelineTakesCouture.”

The artist not only graced social media with amazing shots and outfits but also opened up about her love for haute couture as she delivered some pretty cool quotes.

“The clothes follow me; I do not follow the clothes.”

In case you haven’t ben paying any attention, Celine Dion is pretty much ruling the celebrity fashion world. And she was just crowned by Vogue as the regent queen.The Canadian icon and  the fashion magazine teamed up to deliver #CelineTakesCouture, a project that follows the haute couture IT girl during Fashion Week.

Celine took a break from her current European tour for a high note of high fashion and Vogue. In just one week, Dion wore outfits from high-end designers like Christian Dior and Giambattista Valli as she attended their runway shows and sat next to the very Anne Wintour herself.

Celine has also posed good-naturedly for paparazzi while walking through hallways and heading to her car on the street. “Celine Dion doesn’t try to hide her feelings,” the photo’s caption read.

“Her candor is one of her many charms, coupled with lovely manners and an emotional transparency that’s unique to anyone.”

The Canadian songstress stunning shots even include one sultry photo of herself nude with a rather awesome caption. “Here’s a little naked fact to ponder while Celine Dion changes looks between show,” the Vogue caption read alongside the picture.

Dion is later quoted in the lengthy caption, opening up about how she often alters her haute couture numbers: “The clothes follow me; I do not follow the clothes.”

Here's a little naked fact to ponder while Celine Dion changes looks between shows: for the past five years she has worn haute couture near exclusively for her own performances (in Las Vegas and on her current "mini-tour" of Europe). She performs a minimum two hours a night, five or six nights a week, dancing and curtseying and generally gesticulating sans abandon, in handmade, hand-beaded delicacies designed solely to walk a catwalk or a carpet (and often with handlers). For Celine's orders, the houses send teams to Nevada for typically three fittings, before the garments are ultimately finished in her local, private atelier. Armani Prive, Schiaparelli, Giambattista Valli, Versace…only a partial list. Everyone, basically. In Vegas, Velcro panels are added to allow for her ribcage to expand or for a quick outfit change. Micro straps of elasticized chiffon prevent a slit from becoming a sloppy situation mid-squat. Shoes—always heels, never platforms—are ordered one size smaller (she is normally a 38) and refitted with metal shanks. Says Celine, "We have to make haute couture industrial." And, more enigmatically: "The clothes follow me; I do not follow the clothes." Which is to say: the haute couture, with all its fragility and handcraft, has to perform professionally for Ms. Dion. And privately as well. Years ago, Celine bought a classic little black dress from the Christian Dior atelier when the house was overseen by John Galliano. It is simple, falling to mid calf, and narrow as can be with just a hint of stretch. It requires a minimum of jewelry, a statement bracelet or perhaps one of the major diamond rings she designed with her late husband Rene Angelil: two pear cuts set in a wide pave band, or two hearts of diamond and emerald abstractly interlocking, on a cushion of yet more diamonds. This LBD forces you to walk one foot in front of the other. This is a dress Celine knows well and clearly loves, the simplest evocation of the private luxury of couture and the total antithesis of the red carpet hoopla that attends the union of fashion and celebrity. It is also the dress she wore to Rene's funeral. #CelineTakesCouture Photo by @sophfei.

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Celine lives for fashion

Celine Dion is actually a couture geek. She knows the weight of Versace’s beaded dresses and how Giambattista Valli’s chiffon straps actually sit on the shoulders. Because she has worn haute couture looks almost exclusively during her shows for the last five years.

Dion doesn’t just pluck her stage outfits straight from the runway, she instructs the ateliers to adapt them for the stage. That’s how much she loves haute couture.

Velcro panels are added to bodices to allow the singer’s ribcage to expand, and to facilitate quick outfit changes. Also, elastic is added to avoid the delicate fabric from ripping. Her shoes are all refitted with metal shanks for support. Every minute detail is considered.

Says Celine, “We have to make haute couture industrial”’ While she’s always been an influencer when it comes to style, she truly reached juggernaut status last year when she teamed up with “image architect” Law Roach.

Law Roach is the stylist mastermind behind other iconic celebrity styles for women like Zendaya and Ariana Grande.

"They see me; I don't see them," is Celine Dion's line on the great blob of paparazzi and fans that follows her everywhere. She gives them any picture they ask for, plus a great many more. Consider an appointment with at the house of Schiaparelli, where she poses for the creative director Bertrand Guyon on a window sill overlooking the Place Vendome. She wears a tiny whimsical dress of Swarovski chainmail re-embroidered with yet more crystals and high sparkly Victorian boots–a little Twiggy, a little Tina Turner. Says her dancer Pepe Munoz: "That's a rockstar!" Says Libby Hahn, who handles public relations for the house: "I am fairly certain she was a rockstar before she put on the dress." Says Celine's own longtime photographer Denise Truscello (a Canadian cinephile with her own rockstar style), thinking of the long lenses poised on the place below: "Is the dress pulled down in the back?" Says Celine Dion: "They might see my butt, but I don't think they mind." #CelineTakesCouture Photographed by @denisetruscello

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The poster girl for avant-garde

Fashion world’s craze over Celine Dion might seem to have happened all of the sudden this year, but in fact it cooked slowly last year.

However, it’s undeniable that it reached the peak this year. Riding high after her first appearance at the Met Gala this year, to which she wore a deconstructed Versace gown with a higher-than-thigh-high slit.

She was seen fraternising with Anna Wintour on the frows in Paris, given the Giambattista Valli’s haute couture show a standing ovation and gracing Vogue’s Instagram account.Close watchers of Dion’s career would not be surprised to discover that she likes fashion. But it wasn’t until last year that her more surprising, leftfield fashion credentials crystallised.

First, she was spotted in a leather trench coat made by Off-White, the in-the-know brand run by Kanye West collaborator Virgil Abloh.Next, she was snapped in a neon yellow dress made by Balenciaga, which was very meaningful because the house had recently hired an ice-cool creative director.

By Vogue’s estimation, Dion was “the first celebrity to wear any new Balenciaga piece under Demna Gvasalia’s creative direction”.

Vetements created a cult, merch-style hoodie, emblazoned with a picture of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. And in a seminal moment of self-reference last summer, Dion wore it on the streets of Paris, showing she had the chops to not only be a fashion icon, but one who could rise above the parapet and have a laugh at the same time.

All of this is evidence of her new status as everything the fashion industry never knew it wanted. A message that was firmly underlined during the haute couture shows this week, when Dion’s unbridled zeal for frocks in the front row earned her the vital key for anyone wanting to reach iconic status in 2017: a hashtag.

And she did.

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