Ed Sheeran Shared A Passionate Kiss With Greg Davies During Red Nose Day

Well, That Was Akward…

Ed Sheeran dropped by the O2 Arena on Friday during the Comic Relief to perform and give some love on Red Nose Day. The singer shared a passionate smooch with guest Greg Davies, and the internet loved it.

After a video of his trip to Africa with the fundraising, Ed performed his new song What Do I Know?. The singer had an emotional moment that made him forget for a bit his song, but he handled it like a pro. Is it possible to love him even more? Yes!


A bit of love on Red Nose Day.

Ed Sheeran appeared on Friday at the O2 Arena for a Comic Relief performance, and he delivered more than just a performance. After singing his new single What Do I Know, host comedians Miranda Hart and Rob Beckett came up with a special rule for the telecast.

Miranda Hart said, “Ed knows the Comic Relief rules, silly rules we’ll stick by them. What it is, it demands that the musical act has to kiss with passion and considerable meaning the tallest host of the night?”

Only the tallest host was the Inbetweeners actor Greg Davies, and not Miranda Hart as we supposed. And they smooched as the crowd cheered in surprise. After that Greg turned to kiss Miranda and then Miranda kissed Ed. It’s safe to say that there was a lot of love on Red Nose Day.


Here’s the moment

People lost it on Twitter.

Rough start of the night

Earlier on Friday night, Ed had a rough start as he broke down in tears after meeting Peaches, a Liberian girl who lost her father to Ebola in the country’s capital, Monrovia.

The pair shared a number of songs and then Peaches broke into tears as she sang a song that reminded her of her father. He said, “I really wanted to come away saying everything is positive and everything is great and then I was just singing with that girl and she was all smiling and then she started crying.”


Helping out.

Later on the show, Ed met a young boy who was beaten by an older man and he decided to pay for the boy and his friends to be housed and schooled. Ed later learned that the boys were raped by the older boys on the school.

All these scenes were showed during the event and made quite a lasting impression on Ed, who forgot the lyrics of his new single What Do I Know?


Red Nose Day.

Ed’s performance came during the Red Nose Day telethon at London. The charity raises money and awareness to help children living in poverty around the world.

The event was aired on BBC on Friday night and will premiere in the US on NBC in May, along with the long expected Love Actually reunion on May 25.


Source: Digital Spy


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