After Months Of Speculation Kylie Jenner Finally Announces Pregnancy

She Also Revealed She Gave Birth On Feb 1st

The stir of the year and we are in February. The smallest of the Kardashians/Jenner clan breaks the silence and shows her new gift after nine months of waiting.

No more rumors

We can stop the rumors, the unknowns and everything else. Kylie Jenner has officially confirmed the birth of her first-born, publishing a video showing her pregnancy.

Kylie Jenner explained to her fans why she kept this news a secret, saying that she wanted to prepare to be a mother in a “stress-free” way.

The 20-year-old celebrity has officially announced that not only the pregnancy but that she gave birth to her daughter already, someone expected it? And nobody believed in the memes about this.

In a 12-minute video entitled “To Our Daughter”  we get a glimpse of Kylie’s journey at this stage of her life. This video was uploaded to YouTube this Sunday and in less than 24 hours it accumulated nothing more than 20 million visits. No doubt it went around the world.

In this video, we see many selfies of her and videos with her belly, as well as clips of her scans assisted with her boyfriend and the father of her baby, rapper Travis Scott. We see how Kylie leaves aside her iPhone to record in a more formal way, with a video camera.

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Welcome to the world Chicago West

In the video other than revealing Kylie’s secret pregnancy, she also let us know for the first time the daughter of Kim Kardashian, a tender baby named Chicago. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced the birth of their third child in January. For this third pregnancy, Kim had to hire a surrogate, since she couldn’t give birth to the baby. All Because of her complications in her past pregnancies.

Even Kim has not published photos of this new angel. But in the video, they give us enough material for now, since we see a beautiful family scene. Kim is sitting next to his sister Kylie while she’s holding Chicago.

The Kardashians have specialized in baby showers, having complete themes. For this opportunity, you can see matching pajama sets for all the guests of this celebration. Kylie looked beautiful in her pastel pink satin pajamas and a diamond necklace that gave an exceptional touch to this outfit.

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Where is the paternal face of this family?

We also see the whole Kardashians clan, but it is missing the face of Caitlyn Jenner. Kylie’s dad is not seen anywhere in the video. The former Olympic player was seen on the red carpet of a Dublin event the day Kylie gave birth. It is speculated that there is a family dispute, although it is not a confirmed news yet. Maybe it was just that this arrival was not so unexpected.

The video featured the story of her best friend, model Jordyn Woods, who starts this video with a message directed directly to Kylie’s baby. “Whatever your name is, this is how I found out about you.”

It also included characters from Kylie’s closest relatives, such as her mom Kriss, her sister Kim and moments with boyfriend Travis Scott.

This task that the close ones of Kylie carried out to hide their pregnancy during 42 weeks was a little arduous, but they committed the compliment! Congratulations to this new mother who will undoubtedly be a great one!

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