Florida Man Was Arrested After Attempting To Kidnap Lana Del Rey

The Man Known As Michael Hunt Was Stopped By Police

In the state of Florida, a man was arrested after police stopped his plans to attempt to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey at her concert in Orlando. This is what the authorities declared this Saturday.

A fan with other intentions

The identity of this character is 43-year-old Michael Hunt. He was arrested Friday night one block from Orlando’s Amway Arena, where the 32 years old singer would show play later that night, police said.

The police who were involved in the event alleged that they received an “advice as a credible gift” against the singer, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant. Hunt was located with a knife and a ticket to the concert.

“At no time was he able to get in touch with Mrs. Grant,” the police said.

The defendant made “cryptic and threatening” publications against Del Rey between January 29th and February 2th, according to the Orlando Sentinel. All on a Facebook page created by Hunt included different publications that called this singer a “queen.” A little strange and harassing.

“I want to see my queen on Friday and from that day forward our decisions will be one,” this was supposedly written by Hunt on January 30th.

In another publication made through Facebook, Hunt is seen talking about “getting together” with Del Rey. “I’ll probably finish her tour with her. Obviously, and I’ll dance and talk and find out what we’re going to do,”

“You all know I’m here,” he argued. “Lana knows I’m here, the Queen of England knows I’m here, Vladimir knows I’m here, everyone knows I’m here.”

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With more than 61 convictions for serious crimes

The relevant authorities also said that there was a public safety concern due to Hunt’s self-destructive tendencies. According to reports, Hunt has 61 convictions for serious crimes that are based on drugs and violent crimes. He has served about 5 prison sentences, reported Orlando Sentinel again.

This extremist was accused of aggravated harassment with a credible threat and attempted kidnapping with a weapon. Sen is currently being held in the Orange County jail without any bail.

The singer is on her most recent tour “LA to the Moon”. This Saturday we can also see the thanks I give to the attendees in a Twitter post on Saturday night.

“Orlando! Fort Lauderdale! Miami! Thanks so much for coming out and doing those crazy shows and keeping the energy high. We all felt super lucky after a couple of days of incredible shows that means, “ she wrote on Twitter and She added that she was “grateful”.

She mentioned that her next stop on the tour will be in Atlanta, Georgia.

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