Kevin Federline, Britney’s Ex-husband Is Asking For More Child Support?

The Divorce Didn’t Turn Out Too Bad For Federline

Another scandal in Hollywood and this time is not because of Britney Spears, but her ex-husband Kevin Federline. The father of her children asks for an increase in support for his children

According to certain reports, Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, is upset with his daughter’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline. Who recently called for an increase in child support.

Kevin Federline has received $ 20,000 per month for the maintenance of her children for years but now claims that it is not enough. Some sources told TMZ. Last Friday, Federline called Jamie and said he was in a financial bind and wanted to talk about increasing the support of his children.

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Federline vs Jamie

Jamie was not very convinced of this and he was suspicious, so he asked Federline where the $ 20,000 went. Sources said last week that Jamie received a letter from Federline’s lawyer, in the letter he asked if they could talk about this. They had a talk and the lawyer now explained that Sean, 12, and Jayden, 11, have grown up, so more than $ 20,000 was needed for their care.

Jamie insisted again, asking what the children needed specifically. Federline’s lawyer did not respond, but he did say that his client needed the means to take care of the two children at Britney’s level. The sources told that the lawyer stressed on many occasions about Britney’s recent successes. Especially her shows in Las Vegas, which sold out. Britney is making much more money. Jamie responded to these allegations, saying that Britney’s success has nothing to do with the needs of the children. Her daughter wasn’t responsible for caring for Federline and her relatives.

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The separation didn’t turn out to be so bad for Kevin F

After the separation of this couple, Britney has paid Federline a fortune in several ways. She provided support over the years. When they divorced in 2007, she gave him a check for $ 1.3 million and obtained spousal support for several years and continues to receive child support.

What will Federline be trying to do with this tactic? It is a doubt that we all have in mind since the most obvious thing is that it tries that Britney sustains her luxurious life, using her children as a connection. What a shame if this theory were true.

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