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Britney Spears Is Pissed Off’ With Everyone Who Thinks She Lip-Syncs

Spears Assured She Works Too Hard For People To Think She Doesn’t Sing

Britney Spears set the record straight about the lip-sync accusations towards her on Tuesday. She also expressed how much she’s affected by these allegations that people have been saying about her career.

Britney is currently on her first world tour after six years. When Spears wraps up in Israel she’ll head to Singapore to finish her Las Vegas residency show in August.

Britney is tired of the accusations about her perfomances

Britney Spears hit the road once again with the tour of her latest album ‘Glory.’ The singer is set to perform at Tel Aviv’s Park Hayarkon on July 3 as part of her world tour. Ahead of her performance in Tel Aviv, Britney expressed her feelings in a phone interview with Channel 2 on Israeli TV. The singer assured she puts her all into her performances, and that she was ‘pissed off’ at rumors she mimes.

When she was asked, “How much of your show is with playback, how much is live?” She replied: “I’m glad you’re addressing this question because it’s funny, a lot of people think that I don’t sing live…because I’m dancing so much, I do have a little bit of playback.” “There’s a mixture of my voice and the playback.”

Then the singer added how she feels about those accusations, “It really pisses me off because I’m busting my a*s out there, singing at the same time. And nobody ever really gives me credit for it, you know.”

Once Britney wraps up her ‘Glory’ world tour, she’ll begin the final run of her Las Vegas residency on August 9 at the Axis at Planet Hollywood. However, it’s expected that the singer will announce more touring dates, including some in the U.K.

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Rumors sparking

Britney has been accused of lip-syncing in concerts beforer. However, earlier thins month rumors sparked once again with her first world tour in six years. The accusations started up again when a video from one of her Tokyo concerts surfaced.

During a performance of the 2001 hit ‘ I’m A Slave 4 U’, Britney got caught out. The singer managed to somehow remove her mic which got tangled in her hair, but embarrassingly the ‘vocals’ she was singing, carried on. Revealing that she had been lip-syncing the whole time.

Britney struggled to remove the mic, which was stuck in her hair, and at one point even stopped dancing as she wrestled with it.The vocals continued to play on, leaving concert-goers confused as to what was going on. Brit was also called out for ‘miming’ during her set at the Billboard Music Awards in May.

Her manager, Larry Rudolph, previously addressed lip-syncing rumors prior to the debut of Spears’ residency show in Las Vegas in 2013. “She’s going to be singing live,” Rudolph told Billboard. “She does choreography and vocal coaching every day.”

“It’s hard for the public to fully understand what goes on when you get on stage and you’re dancing full out during a song,” he said.

“No matter what anyone says, there’s not a single artist who goes out there and does full choreography and is singing without a vocal track underneath them. At the same time. It’s physically impossible.”

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Re-living the 2007 Britney Meltdown

Britney, who rose to fame in 1999 with ‘Baby One More Time’, has also claimed her twenties were “awful.” Ten years have passed since Britney’s highly public breakdown. The singer has addressed the difficult period in a recent interview with Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot.

She said: “My life was controlled by too many people and that doesn’t really let you be yourself. In that situation, when you’re not in control, you become less excited, and there’s less passion when it comes to music.”

Britney reflected: “I was trying to please everyone around me because that’s who I am deep inside. There are moments where I look back and think, ‘What the hell was I thinking?” The singer also reflected on her twenties, “I think I had fun when I was younger. I was a pretty normal girl, a tomboy. But my twenties were awful.

Finally, she said she’s doing so much better at her 30s. “My thirties are much better for me. I’ve learned to get to know myself better.” And we can see she’s doing great at her 30s.

Brit is constantly posting fun videos with her sons pranking each other on social media and is just adorable. The pop princess also loves sharing her fitness passion with fans and frequently posts inspirational workout clips.

Recently the pop princess graced us with a share of fun in Thailand. She posted an Instagram video with a series of highlights from her downtime activities during her Southeast Asian tour.

The video finds Spears frolicking on the beach with her sons, Sean and Jayden, doing cartwheels. That’s the way the Spears rocks!

Having such an incredible time in Thailand!!!! Excited to perform in Bangkok this weekend!

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