The Best And Most Wierd Britney Spears Faces

This Year Is Britney’s Come Back, So Lets Remember What Was She Like In The Past

Over the years, Britney Spears have been the cause of controversy in numerous occasions. And it doesn’t matter the date, from her beginnings up to this day, she has always known what face to give to the media that criticize her. Well, most of the times. Sometimes, she gives us reasons to laugh, with her wild expressions.

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To this end, we can sometimes identify with the pop idol. These are the best nine expressions of Britney Spears:

1. Not knowing that Ryan Seacrest is actually not gay can give you some suspicious look.

2. Some people don’t know anything about personal space

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

3. Not sure if hungry for attention or actual food.

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4. That hairdresser is going to pay me for this!

Image Credit: Bustle

5. Use this when someone told you a joke you don’t understand…or simply don’t find funny

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6. How much does it cost? Oh… that is a little pricey…

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7. Wait for a second, guys. I’m having a stroke!

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8. Trying to seduce your crush with your innocent looks

Image Credit: Grooves on the Radio

9. The breakdown face!

Image Credit: Buzzfeed


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