Kanye West Fans Get Money Refunds After Disastrous Show

But They’ll Never Get Their Time Back Tho

Kanye West is a box full of surprises. Last Saturday, the rapper gave a performance or at least some sort of it at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento. The public that attended the show is so pissed that they are asking for their money back.

West showed up late to the concert and kept fans waiting for 90 minutes. The artist sang a couple of songs, then rant about Beyonce and Jay-Z  before leaving the stage, that’s it. His fans are asking Ticketmaster for their money back and they seem to be responding. Although the company hasn’t given any official statements, people are posting the return of the money on Twitter.

Kanye performed only three songs.

The rapper stopped to talk to the crowd and declared the ending of the show by dropping his mic and leaving.


Luckily Ticketmaster is returning the money.

At least that’s what they say on Twitter.

What Ticketmaster custom service deserves:


They had to change the whole game.

Kanye must be in trouble for this, it’s insane.

 Just in case you attended the show.

Call, really. What he did was disrespectful.

Way to go Kanye.




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