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‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Johnny Galecki’s Home Destroyed By Wildfire

Galecki’s Ranch Was Burned To The Ground After The Strong Fire.

Actor, Johny Galecki lost his home in San Luis Obispo due to a large California fire. The news was announced by his representative on Wednesday, luckily the actor wasn’t at home at the time.

The actor thanked firefighters and address some kind words to the community. He now plans to rebuild his home.

Sad news and kind words

‘Big Bang Theory’ actor, Johny Galecki confirmed his ranch located 190 miles away from Los Angeles, was burned to the ground in a fire that is threatening other homes as well.

“My heart goes out to all in the area who are also experiencing loss from this vicious fire. The threat of which we live with constantly, which may seem crazy to some but we do so because living in our beautiful, rural area makes it worthwhile,” Galecki said in a statement.

“It’s never the structures that create a community — it’s the people. And if the people of Santa Margarita have taught me anything it’s that, once the smoke has cleared, literally and figuratively, it’s a time to reach out and rebuild. We’ve done it before and we’ll need to do it together again. And it will make our community even closer and stronger.”

“Endless thanks to CAL FIRE and the sheriff’s office,” Galecki said. “I know you guys are fighting the good fight to keep us safe. So very relieved no one has been hurt.”

Galecki spent the weekend performing at Chicago’s Country LakeShake Festival. He reportedly hadn’t seen the property since it burned down, but he was planning to return to the ranch as soon as road closures were lifted to recover any spared memorabilia.

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The Hill Fire

The Hill Fire, as it has been named in California, is estimated to be around 1,500 acres in size, according to KSBY. Two fires were initially reported in the area but later merged into one as the state’s fire season ramps up.

Close to 250 people were evacuated from their homes Monday night and roads leading to the area of the fire were closed. On Tuesday, fire crews were able to take control of the fast-moving blaze as it swept through the Santa Margarita area, with 60 percent containment by the end of the day.

All roads were reopened, though non-residents aren’t allowed back yet, according to a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office deputy on the scene.

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