‘The Big Bang Theory’ Just Got Renewed For Two More Seasons

Our Favorite Stars Will Be On Our Screens Until 2019

TV shows are one of our favorite things. As they give us endless hours of entertainment while also developing pop culture. They create references, jokes, iconic moments and tons of merchandise that we all love.

One of the most popular shows in recent times has been The Big Bang Theory. Giving to us great laughs while making a group nerds some of the most popular people on prime time.

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Many more years to come for The Big Bang Theory

All of this making science awesome has been such a great success that it has been running for ten years. But now CBS Entertainment and Warner Bros Television have agreed to give the geeky show a two-year renewal contract. Extending the series until 2019 and achieving the incredible accomplishment of a twelve season.

Besides that, both companies have agreed on a prequel spinoff series called “Young Sheldon,” which is expected to be released next fall just after “Big Bang.” The renewal also comes after the original cast members ( Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar) signed a two-year extension.

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Huge price tag

In the case of co-stars Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik, whose contracts end with Season 10, are been studied and negotiated. Since their characters became regulars since Season 4. As they’re both asking for a raise from their $175.000 for an episode, being close to being closed and end up with a $500.000 paycheck per episode.

In order to make this happen the original cast have decided to cut their $1 million to 900.00 in order to support and help their co-stars have a better salary. This isn’t something to really worry about as CBS covers much of the production costs while remaining their No.1 priority.  Also the show has generated more than $1 billion for Warner in syndication revenue.

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Popularity contest

On the other hand, the Emmy-winning show is literally one of the most popular ones worldwide. Generating an average of 19.4 million viewers and being the No.1 scripted series. The show has been so big that since 2010-11, it reaches more than 14 million live viewers per episode.

Also, The Big Bang theory has been used to launch hundreds of new CBS shows. Being some of the most recent ones “Kevin Can Wait,” “The Great Indoors,” “Life in Pieces,” “Mom,” “The Odd Couple” and ¨Scorpion¨.

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