Jennifer Lawrence Interviewing Kim Kardashian On Kimmel Is Gold

“My Utter Obsession, Our Lord Jesus God Kim Kardashian”

Jennifer Lawrence got to interview Kim Kardashian on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on Thursday. The self-proclaimed Kardashian super fan got her dream come true when she joined Jimmy as co-host of the show.

Jennifer also got the opportunity to present the seventh edition of  “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” prank. And it’s hilarious.

Just the Jennifer way

Jennifer Lawrence took on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on Thursday, and got to interview Kim Kardashian, which was clearly a dream come true.

In her opening monologue, Jennifer Lawrence referred to Kim as “my utter obsession, our Lord Jesus God Kim Kardashian,” and when was time to make some questions, they were bizarrely funny.

Some of the questions included intimate things such as: do her and husband Kanye West fart in front of each other; to political choices such as would she rather sleep with Kim Jong-un or Donald Trump; till clearly fan’s obsessions such as what is the weirdest thing Kanye does.

The pair also detailed a dinner Lawrence had recently at Kim’s house, in which she danced with Kris Jenner.

Jimmy’s annual prank, on point

No, that Halloween is behind us, it’s time to celebrate another tradition, and that’s Jimmy Kimmel annual prank in which he says his kids he ate all their candies and encourages the parent to do the same.

This year, Kimmel wasn’t around to present the latest series of clips featuring parents torturing their children and left Jennifer Lawrence with that honor.

And she did in such a presidential way. The actress opted for impersonating President Donald Trump.

“We have something for you that is both a trick and a treat. Every year, Jimmy invites parents to pretend they ate all of their kids’ Halloween candy,” she said.

“And once again those parents delivered in a huge and big way,” highlighting the President’s favorite words.

She took things one step further by adding “hashtag sad.”

The seventh annual video once again showed hilarious kids’ reactions to being told that their parents ate all of their Halloween candy.

“Remember how we went trick-or-treating last night? Well, guess what? Last night mommy and daddy ate all of [the candy],” one parent told her kids, who then proceeded to have a major meltdown.

When another child is told, she said, “Spit it out! Spit it out of your tummy!” Some kids took it a step further, throwing things, flipping off their parents and even cursing. One kid retorted, “And that’s why I don’t love you.”


Source:  Uproxx

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