We Brought You 10 Reasons To Celebrate Ellen Degeneres

Cause She’s Amazing And Also She Reciently Had Her Birthday

Ellen Degeneres is for sure one of the most beloved artists in the entertainment scene. She’s been in the business for many years now, and still, has the ability to make us laugh and smile just by seeing her. We just love her!

And there are many, many reasons to love her. A big one is the fact that she gave us Dory who is almost as adorable as she is. But for real, not only she is funny and talented, but she also has a huge heart and every day teaches us about kindness and compassion. We celebrate you, Ellen!


10. She’s always there for her friends.

Ellen is a pretty loveable person and she has like million of friends. She’s always there for them and supports them, and it works both ways. In fact one of her closest friends, Jennifer Aniston was on the very first “Ellen” episode, and Ellen came out on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

Image Credit: EW
Image Credit: EW

9. Her incredible dance moves.

Ellen loves dancing, and there’s no doubt about it! She starts every show dancing with the audience and she usually celebrates things dancing.  And we love to see her dance!

8. She’s hilarious.

Comedy is natural on her, she was definitely born to do this. She’s got an incredible ability to make us laugh and feel happy, and this is part of her essence which she takes everywhere. Remember the time she hosted the Oscars? Pizza, a selfie, best thing ever!

Image Credit: EW
Image Credit: EW

7. Her very special relationship with her mom.

Ellen’s mom is a top priority in her life. Betty, her mom, is in front and center on each show. They are pretty close, and Betty even wrote a book centered around her and Ellen’s relationship over the years.

Image Credit: E Online
Image Credit: E Online

6. She’s super fan friendly!

Ellen is really close to her fans, in fact, on every show, she personally calls fans and gives them the best surprises. She even talks to the people on audience every time the show finishes taping. And she personally reads fan mail.

5. She loves sharing people’s abilities with the world.

And I mean, she loves bringing to the show people with funny or special skills. Like the little Chef that impressed her with his great dishes, the British singing duo Rosie and Sophie Grace, the little girl who knew every president of the US. And this cutie who’s a piano prodigy named Elias!

Image Credit: EW
Image Credit: EW

4. Her love for scaring people.

Ellen’s a big fan of scaring people and pulling pranks on them, she just can’t help herself! She really enjoys doing it to her guests, her audience and most of all her executive producer Andy Lassner.

3. How much she helped change the conversation about LGBTQ community.

She is one of the many celebrities to influence American attitudes towards the community. Ellen was the first person to play a lead gay character on TV in the late 90s, and as sometimes life imitates art, she came out in 1997 on the Oprah show. Also, Degeneres really put on the agenda an issue that needed to be discussed, respected and accepted.

Since then she’s done a lot of work onscreen and off screen, to support people and broke cultural barriers. Recently she was given the Medal of Freedom Award for her commitment and bravery and also for helping to “push our country in the direction of justice”.

Image Credit: EW
Image Credit: EW

2. Her kindness and her big heart.

Ellen definitely has a huge heart full of love. She is an example and beacon of kindness and love. This celebrity helps whenever she can, giving items or donating money, she proves her heart is always in the right place.

She makes people understand the importance of being kind by bringing people on the show who had made heroic or kind actions. Also, the show’s final words are “Be kind to one another.”

1. She’s truly awesome and authentic.

Ellen is a beacon of so many things, and the most special one is that she’s so genuine and true to herself that inspires people to do the same.

Thanks for so much joy and love, we love you, Ellen!

Image Credit: EW
Image Credit: Buzzfeed


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