It Seems That Green Day Will Be Recording Some New Music This Year

These Guys Are Not Wasting Any Time

Green Day are without a doubt one of the most influential bands of the world. Yes, their hype might be on the 90’s and early 2000’s with the pop-punk wave. But these guys are good and you love them, no matter what. Recently they’ve been on the spotlights as they’ve decided to trash Trump everywhere they go. Also, it seems they’re planning to release new music. Then the question arises, “another one?” isn’t it a bit too soon?

The pop-punk trio just released “Revolution Radio” in October of the last year, and have been touring a lot. To promote it, play the music they love and rip Trump’s reputation with the lyrics and videos of the new album. Besides, their last albums haven’t had the success these guys are used to. Besides, they are still on tour until Agust 11th.

Green Day New Music
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Down under, to the studio making new music already?

Right now the band is touring in Australia. As they played on Pert on the weekend. “You know it’s great, we’re playing songs off ‘Nimrod’, ‘Kerplunk’, the new record, ‘American Idiot’, songs that are off ‘Insomniac’ that we haven’t played in over 20 years. We played these shows for the hardcore fans in the theaters and clubs and we just had a blast, and you could tell because the energy in the crowd was energizing us….¨

¨They expect us to be great, and we have to live up to that. We just put as much passion as we can into what we do. We write the record together, we make the record together, and it’s our record at the point. When it’s finished, on the day it gets released, it doesn’t belong to us anymore. It belongs to the fans”. Billie Joel said about the tour.

Green Day has been on a downfall since 2012

But after presenting a show they joined forces with Perth-based producer Charlie Young. Who has previously worked with many artists like Macklemore, Lil Jon and The Naked and Famous. Since Young, and frontman Billie Joel, have posted tons of pictures on social media. Mainly of Billie Joe Armstrong on the studio. To what then again we need to ask ourselves, is really another Green Day album needed? In the last four months of 2012, they bomb us with “¡Uno!,” “¡Dos!” and “¡Tré!” which hardly sold 667.000 copies combined. Very distant for their 2009 success of “21st Century Breakdown,” that got 1.1 million. Needless to compare it with their iconic seventh album of 2004 “American Idiot” who sold 16 million copies.

So they’ve been having a decline, commercially and maybe relevantly. But they have been in a similar kind of situation back on 2000. When “Warning” was perceived as a commercial failure. But they went to the studio and came out with “American Idiot”. Maybe this is what the guys from the band are trying to achieve. It will be ironic since the record had his political content and nowadays the band has been using that a lot. But despite the characters have changed, this speech could be a little washed up. Still, worth the try, if this is what Green Day are attempting to achieve. Nobody would point them out if they give us another record as good as “American Idiot”.

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Soundcheck needed?

But if the guys from Green Day do deliver a good enough album to compare it with “American Idiot,” will the ground be set for it? The music industry has changed a lot. As now people are now more into electronic and a different kind of edgy fast music, EDM is everywhere nowadays. The fact that Fall Out Boy is now doing more techno than guitar riffs and that Blink-182, Sum 41, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan have all soften or changed their fast edgy sound means a lot. To the point that bands like 5 Seconds of Summer are even considered to be pop-punk now.

Maybe pop-punk is really dead? If not it is, I’m certainly going to a farm in the next coming years. So even though Green Day could deliver another classic pop-punk album, it’s really hard to imagine that it will have relevance. Or that mainstream culture and market would care about it.

This is often where a band retires and lives out of their success. Green Day flirt with it with the overwhelming 2012 and the released of demos collection two years ago. Now Billie Joe has been into Jawbreaker lately, tweeting about Bernie Sanders, trashing Trump and supporting Black Lives Matter. So political lyrics could be heavily considered if they appear in the supposedly new album. Maybe even giving it a twist to catch millennials attention? We really hope that Green Day discovers how to make their music, and probably pop-punk, matter and have a message again.

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