Game Of Thrones Season 7: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

OMG Just Release The Season Already!

HBO just released 15 promotional images for the seventh of Games of Thrones. The comeback of the popular show is set to hit the screens on July 16.

This gives us plenty of time to come up with storylines and theories and HBO knows it and just graced us something to hold on to. So let the speculation begin!

They warned us, winter is definitely coming

Usually, at this time we’d be an episode or two into the Game of Thrones season, but this is definitely not a normal year.

Nope, this year for productions reasons season 7 of Game of Thrones is coming back later than usual. So, instead of having candid discussions about theories, prospective couples and holding on to Jon Snow’s life, we have some photos.

HBO graced us with the very first photos of the anticipated installment of GOT, so let’s get to work and start analyzing them and hold on into the very last pixel of them.

To be fair, the pictures include them all, the queens, the Stark sisters, not together though, the potential couples, the political advisers, an alive Jon Snow and the most bad-ass girl in the North, Lady Lyanna Mormont looking tough. And yep there’s a lot of furs.

Let’s get to the queens first, queens in plural both figuratively and literally. For the pics, we can assume Daenerys safely arrived in Westeros since she’s getting for the very first time a gray filter.

Along with the beloved Khaleesi are Varys, looking good. Missandei who looks relieved to finally leave behind The Fate of the Furious co-stars Tyrese and Ludacris, and stand by her queen.

There also Tyrion who now is the Hand od the Queens because well, that’s what happened in the last season. And also because everytime he gets to stand against his family he thinks, why not?

Then there’s Cersei sat on the Iron Throne. Next to her is loyally standing her brother/baby daddy who well, seems to still be her right-hand-man.


What will be going on in the North this season?

Now let’s get to the cool girls. Sansa is in Winterfell looking good and wearing for the first time a wig because she was bleach-blonde during filming.

She’s accompanied by Littlefinger, who at this point makes us question why is he still alive if he has no allies and no one who trusts him? We can only hope for a big death to come anytime soon.

We also get a glimpse of Arya, who seems to still be at the Twins and is probably down for something worthy of the sword skills.

Lyanna Mormont is looking dope with all those fur ensembles. And Davos Seaworth is still giving advice to aspiring monarchs, till the end of time for what it seems.There’s also Jon Snow chilling in the crypts of Winterfell wearing the same old outfit. He’s pretty much alive thank to the new and ancient gods.

Bran and Meera are still on the run from the dreadful army of demons as their friends are all dead and well, they’re trying the best to make it through.

The Hound is also apparently heading to the North, so we’ll have to imagine what takes him there.


And what about those ships we saw on the last episode?

Sam and Gilly are still in the massive maesters’ library in Oldtown. They both look incredibly immersed in their readings. Gilly is reading the story of Azo Ahai. Fun fact: Azor is “the prince that was promised”, the prophecy says his return will save mankind from destruction. Interesting.

The coolest flame of all is lit again. For the look of Tormund seems like the unspoken attraction is getting some development this season. Just look how he sees Brienne of Tarth, this would be such an oddly cool couple. On top of all, they’d be badass as heck.


Source: The Verge


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