The final Season Of Game Of Thrones Will Only Have Six Episodes

*Cries In Fetal Position*

In 2011, when Game of Thrones first premiered, fans used to proclaim that it should make more than 10 episodes, fans considered that number unusually small. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss explained that the show making was so demanding that it took the entire year to fulfill their usual commitment.

But just when we got used to the 10-episodes standard, David Benioff confirmed during the 2017 SXSW Festival that the 7th season of the tv show, which will return on July 16, would only have six episodes.

Game of Thrones at 2017 SXSW Festival in Austin.
Game of Thrones at 2017 SXSW Festival in Austin.

GOT’s release date “Ice vs. Fire”.

Game of Thrones fans got used to waiting until April to watch the new seasons. This year the production of the upcoming season is taking roughly as long as a regular season, despite making fewer episodes. The release day of the Emmy-winning fantasy hit was revealed in a rather elaborate Facebook Live event where fans waited more than an hour for a block of ice to melt revealing the date.

Credits: Game of Thrones/Facebook

Confirmations from the SXSW panel.

During 2017 GOT’s SXSW panel, the showrunners confirmed the HBO drama, which typically films 10-episode seasons from July to December, would have a production scheduled from September to February to make six episodes for this summer.

The wait will be worth it.

In an old interview, Iain Glen, who plays “Sir Jorah” in the show expressed that “they – the show producers- were taking the length of time it takes to shoot 10 episodes to shoot just six” for 2017 last season. The actor also added the wait would be worth it for fans which made it sound like we might still get as much content, or at least not considerably less than in the past.

The actor Iain Glen playing "Ser Jorah" in HBO's series, Game of Thrones.
The actor Iain Glen playing “Ser Jorah” in HBO’s series, Game of Thrones.

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