This Girl Transformed Herself Into Kylie Jenner And It’s Both Good And Creepy [VIDEO]

I Don’t Know How To Feel About This

t is very common to find girls on Youtube or Instagram that show how to act, dress, look and be like our favorite celebrities.

This is the case of Hye-Min Park, one of South Korea’s most influential beauty bloggers with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.3 million followers on Instagram. The blogger has appeared looking like Taylor Swift before but now she left everyone stunned with her Kylie Jenner impersonation.

Pony Makeup style

This girl started with modeling, she worked for Korean e-commerce stores and then her youthful good looks an innate sense of style led her to become an inspiration for many women. Pony is considered an encyclopedia of makeup and beauty products.

Celebrities obsession

This “makeup otaku,” as Pony use to call herself, has been giving a lot to talk about since she started doing some videos where she imitated our favorite celebrities. At first, she took Taylor Swift as an example and now she has revolutionized social networks when she mimicked the famous Kylie Jenner style. She didn’t use her makeup line tho


Embrace who you are?

The fashion industry has led young women around the world, to wish they looked like their favorite stars so the Korean blogger decided to help us with that issue. This girl used to be a graphic designer but her talent and passion for makeup have led her to release her own line of makeup and currently, to travel the world to capture the essence of different brands and show us her vision of things.

Source: Buzzfeed



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