The Rock and Jason Statham Are Getting a Fast & Furious Spinoff

Is This Really Necessary?

Jason Statham and The Rock are getting a Fast and Furious spin-off.  Universal Studios is interested in expanding the F&F universe by exploring the frenemy.The news comes after the Fate of the Furious continues to dominate the box office in its second week. Charlize Theron will also take part of the new series.

Unlike union ahead

One of the highlights of The Fate of the Furious, besides Dom going bad, was the evolution of Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw’s rivalry turned into a bromance.

While they both entered the series as the enemies of Dominic Toretto, The Rock‘s Hobb in the fifth and Statham’s Shaw in the six, they ended up teaming with the ancient enemy for a bigger good.

The two have delivered a rivalry like no other and now Universal is interested in giving them their own spin-off which will follow the unlikely union of the opposites.Charlize Theron will also join the spin-off. The actress was the latest villain addition to the adrenaline series.

The film is in the development stage and it would be pen by Chris Morgan, the architect behind the whole series.The movie will not be part of the next two Fast & Furious movies, which mark the two last parts of the trilogy that will close the entire series.

It’s expected that the movie hits theaters before the next proper F&F installment.

PLUS: Other spinoff movies featuring core F&F characters have been teased for a while now. We might yet see Han behind the wheel once again, folks.

Via Universal Studios

Unstoppable franchise

The Fate of the Furious just broke box office records. The movie on its first week in the box office raised over $534 million leaving behind the previous record holder, Star Wars The Force Awakens.

The unstoppable success of the movie makes inevitable for Universal to explore new ways in which exploit the franchise.The movie that first hit the screens in 2001 has evolved over the years and continued to explore ways to keep growing and smashing the box office.

Bigger and bigger stars, new places and different crimes they have all been part of the franchise’s way to assure ruling the box office.By now the “fam” has already been in many countries in at least three continents. They have faced different criminals in what seems like an escalation to become worldwide heroes and they continue to step up their car and races game.

Well, no matter how impossible these guys seem the movies are frankly glorious and we could see them forever. So bring it!

Via Universal Studios

Source: The Verge


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