10 Times Emma Watson Showed Us She Was The Real MVP

This Girl Is My Life Goals For Real

Emma Watson has been the personal hero of many people, not only women but men too since she was a little girl. Through her short but significant life, she has shown us that it doesn’t matter how big your voice is, you must use it in a positive way to help each other.

The British actress is a role model! When she is not rocking the red carpet, she’s fighting for women’s rights or playing roles in awesome films that leave us astonished. Check out this 10 things that Emma has done and how they have improved our lives. 

Emma Watson at The Elle Style Awards 2014
Emma Watson at The Elle Style Awards 2014

10. She showed us that education is important even if you are rich.

Even when Emma Watson was rich and famous after completing the final Harry Potter film giving her no actual need to work again for the rest of her life. She showed us that education isn’t just about getting a good job. Watson attended Brown University because education is everything to her.

Emma Watson Graduates from Brown University.
Emma Watson Graduates from Brown University.

9. The time she started a feminist book club.

In January 2016, Emma Watson created a feminist book club, named “Our Shared Shelf” which focuses on “books and essays about equality” and which is open for everyone to join.

8. Emma taught us to believe in ourselves.

When the social activist unleashed the epic #HeForShe speech at the UN, she mentioned that she didn’t think anyone would listen to her. Watson expressed that we might think “who is this Harry Potter girl and what is she doing at the U.N.,” but that didn’t stop her from making the speech and for continuing to fight for gender equality.

7. One thing about life, it’s yours, live it how you want.

Watson has been in the public eye since she was a child, however, the actress has managed to remain scandal-free. She has been living her life in the way she wants and she has also avoided the pitfalls of many child stars.


6. Watson offered strangers her wisdom for $2.

The video was created for the Vanity Fair series, Derek Does Stuff With a Friend with Derek Blasberg and all of the money collected was donated to Planned Parenthood.

5. She treats others in the way she would like to be treated.

Emma Watson thought that the interviewer would have done the same for her so she interrupted her co-star Dan Stevens to wipe of a wayward pen smudge on the girl’s chin.

4. The actress hid books around the London Underground for people to find.

The British actress left the books as part of a collaboration with her feminist book club initiative. She also encouraged readers to return them to the Underground after finishing the book so another person could enjoy it.

3. When she attended the Women’s March with her mom.

As a women’s rights ambassador, Emma attended to the women’s march with her mom. Then she posted some great pictures of her and her mother holding hands and hugging during the march.

2. Take the control and don’t give your critics power.

Emma removed the power from the trolls by using their anger as an example of exactly why her commitment to feminism and gender equality was so necessary and important.

1. Emma’s powerful response to Donald Trump becoming President.

She is a great example of not focusing on the dark side of things, instead, she proved that she won’t give up anytime soon in their struggle for equality.



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