Elton John Is Retiring From Touring With A Big Surprise: “Life Is All About Change”

‘My Priorities Have Changed’

While speaking in New York, the star Sir Elton John said he would bid farewell to the stage and fans with a series of 300 dates spanning 3 years.

“I always thought it was going to be like Ray Charles, BB King: on the road forever,” he said.

“My priorities have changed, we had children and that changed our lives. That does not mean I’m not going to be creative, but I’m not going to travel.”

Going all out

The composer and singer denied the rumors that he was retiring due to health problems

“Last year I took an infection and was very sick and hit me on the side,” he admitted. But I still did 96 shows.

“Believe me, if you ever do 300 shows, you do not have bad health.”

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Goodbye with Yellow Brick Road

The beloved singer’s farewell will begin in the United States in September. A few months after he finishes his six-month residency in Las Vegas.

“I do not want to leave with a groan, but a Big Bang.” he said, promising “the most fantastic show I’ve ever done.”

After her tour, he added that he could consider another residence, “like Kate Bush”. Who could play 22 dates at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2014. This decision to leave behind the tours was to prioritize his family: his husband David Furnish and his two sons.

“David and I sat down with a school schedule and said, ‘I do not want to miss this too much’.

“I’m not going to stop the music. I hope I’ll make more records, I’ll write more musicals, but above all, I’ll take my son to the soccer academy, which is the most important thing.”

“Life is all about change.”

Sir Elton John promised that he would be “creative until the day of my death” and his farewell tour would be “a wonderful way to thank people.”

The surprise is that their children will join together with their father in this last show, accompanying him while they learn with a tutor.

“I do not want to lose them and I do not want them to miss me,” he said.

This music star has sold more than 300 million albums throughout his career in music and is considered one of the most requested live artists in the world.

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Infection after touring in South America

Last year Sir Elton John had to cancel nine shows in La Vegas and California. This was due to a bacterial infection contracted during a tour in South America. The singer’s management said the “potentially fatal” infection forced him to spend two days in intensive care in April and cancel part of his concerts in the US.

This was not the first time that health had prevented the singer from stepping on the stage.

In the year of 1999, they had to place a pacemaker when the doctors observed a strange behavior in his heart, his beats were irregular. While in 2013 Sir Elton John had to cancel also a slot in the title of London’s Hyde Park after he was diagnosed with appendicitis.

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A memorable duo at the Grammys

During 2017 he was able to do almost 100 shows. Including dates in Europe and Australia. As well as his rigorous show in Las Vegas, The Million Dollar Piano. Although he has made the decision to reduce the burden of his work, Sir Elton John continues taking important projects, so as not to lose the habit.

The singer will perform with Miley Cyrus in a duet at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, with Miley also hosting a special concert honoring Sir Elton at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. Guest singers include Sam Smith, Kesha, John Legend, Chris Martin and Keith Urban.

Broadway doesn’t stop with Sir Elton

Currently, the singer worked on a Broadway musical based on The Devil Wears Prada, as well as a live version of The Lion King of Disney or the animation of Sherlock Gnomes, through his own production company.

When asked about his favorite performance of all time, the singer said: “The night that John Lennon took the stage with me at Madison Square Garden.” A moment that would be cataloged for anyone as a favorite.

This show was on Thanksgiving Day in 1974, being Lennon’s last major concert. He and Sir Elton shared the stage, while he played the piano, the former Beatle sang Whatever Gets You Thru the Night, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and I Saw Her Standing There.

“It gives me the chills,” said Sir Elton.

We give the farewell of the tours to a legend, which leaves us with memorable shows. Welcoming family life, wishing you the best.

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