Gru Meets His Twin Brother In The New Despicable Me 3 Trailer

They Are More Alike Tha You Think

Animated movies are one of the best things that life have to offer to us. As the characters, the art and the stories are amazing. Since they can be both as simple for kids to understand or have deep meaning for the parents. All spiced up with a clever sense of humor for everybody to enjoy.

One of those animated movies that have practically become a pop icon in recent times is Despicable Me. As Gru, voiced by Steve Carrel, the adorable girls, and the epic and loved minions have turned the movie into a franchise.

Image Credit: youtube.com
Image Credit: youtube.com

Despicable M3

The lovely characters have conquered our hearts and have become a total hit. To the point that a very expect the third movie is coming on this June. As we saw the first trailer of the movie a time ago. That not only show us Gru having a very quiet, suburban, apple pie life. But also it shows us that he is working for the good guys now something very odd for any that knows how he is.

Also, we saw who would be the nemesis of this movie. A villain called Baltazar Bratt that seems to be a bad reboot of 80’s and all that was wrong with that decade. But now with a second trailer, we know a bit more about what will happen in the movie.

New characters.

Even though in the last trailer certain new characters were revealed. Like Baltazar and the guys from the Anti-Villain League. We get to see another of the characters that will debut in the film. Generating a really unexpected twist to what we thought the story was going to be.

Since it seems that Gru has a twin brother with an epic fabulous hair. Having a very Fabio look, to be honest. As Gru’s twin brother, called Dru, seems to have a very successful life, looking like a millionaire.

Image Credit: youtube.com
Image Credit: youtube.com

Back to the old ways.

Of the main changes to what we expected with the first trailer, besides the evil twin twist, is that Dru wants to be as bad as Gru. Trying to convince him to go back to his old evil ways. Also to steal from Baltazar Bratt in a way of revenge for something we still don’t know.

As we see Gru tempted to it, he is not totally convinced. But the minions think otherwise and want to be evil again. Also, it will be fun to see what the girls and Lucy think about this new family addition and Gru going back to being bad.

Image Credit: youtube.com
Image Credit: youtube.com


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