Find Out Obama’s Secret “Dad Moves” In David Letterman Show Teaser

Dance classes with the former president of the United States

In a teaser clip that was posted by Netflix via Twitter, we can appreciate former President Barack Obama’s epic “dad moves” with David Letterman on Letterman’s new show.

Barack Obama gave advice to parents about the dance. He jokes about his “dad moves” in a David Letterman’s new talk show preview. “My next guest does not need a presentation with David Letterman”

David Letterman is back for a great show

The teaser, posted by the official Netflix account, opens with an Obama clip. He discusses for the first time his amazing opportunity. Obama had the chance to share and meet the music industry’s Prince.

“This was probably three or four months before his death. Prince asked Sasha [Obama’s daughter] to come and dance, and she’s an excellent dancer,” he said in a conversation with Letterman. “Then Sasha stops me. Which surprises me because he always makes fun of my dance. But I have dad’s movements”.

A tip for dancing dads from @BarackObama: “you have to stay in your pocket”.

In this clip, we can continue to appreciate Obama describing what “dad’s movements” consist of. “The key is what we call staying in your pocket,” Obama said. 
“I think everyone here knows the dads who come out of their pockets. They’re trying things they really can not carry out. You know, they start doing, like karate kicks and all kinds of things.”
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First guest in the program

Obama will be the first guess on Letterman’s new show. This program will air a new episode with another high profile guest each month. This will be the first appearance on the talk show since he left office as president. There will also be other guests such as George Clooney, Howard Stern, Tina Fey, Malala Yousafzai and JAY-Z commented on Netflix.

‘My next guest does not need a presentation’ with David Letterman on Netflix has Barack Obama as his first guest.

“You never know when you can learn something. That’s what this is all about. They are people that I admire,” Letterman said of the guests he will soon have on the show.

Letterman, whose program brings him back to the screen since leaving “The LateShow” in 2015 joked in the trailer, “I can not tell you how great it is to be out of the damn house.” The show will premiere on Netflix on Friday
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