This Little Boy’s Insanely Good Dance Moves Will Have Your Jaw Hanging

I Just Love The Internet

A video of a crazy talented French boy and his coach dancing went viral this past week. The boy’s dancing skills are just mind blowing.

 Damn…that’s really dancing

The Internet is a magical place where you can find many things. You can learn new things, get in touch with people from all over the world, have a blast watching funny videos or melt your heart watching kitties. Some entertain you, other allow you to learn

Every now and then this glorious source of infinite knowledge delivers something that mesmerizes us and joins million of people in amaze.

And last week was one of those moments. A video featuring a little boy from Lieusaint, France dancing broke the Internet.

In the video, the little French boy, Julien, is dancing next to his dance instructor Serge Koffi during an Afro mix workshop that took place over the weekend.

You can see how Julien performs the crazy dance moves just as Serge follows him behind him, They dance to DJ Flex’s Kpuu Kpa (Boga Dance Edition).

After the workshop ended, Serge shared the video on his Facebook page writing,  “Just let yourself be transported by the freedom to be and express while sharing all that you have most beautiful ‘joy’ today in France precisely to ‘Lieusaint’ by invitation of my brother (Julien) ‘@Jsd. Urbain dance’ for an internship in ‘Afro Mix Décalé’ than happiness💯✔🔥👊🏾👏👏.”

The video already has over 12 million views and has been shared over 200k times.

This boy is clearly crazy talented!

Proud instructor

After all the buzz the video has created, Serge took to Facebook to thank for all the support and said he will continue to share videos sharing the positive energy and happiness.

Regarding Julien, Serge called him “the future king dancer 🔥👏👏👊🏾 afro…”

And his dance instructor is also crazy talented and super proud of his students. He also shared a group picture of Julien’s class and captioned it, “Waoow!! Braaaavoo 👏👏👏 And very proud of you because you were insured.”

While Julien is clearly putting the dance movies in Lieusaint, Serge is taking over different cities all around France to bring his Afro-Mix dance lessons.

As the proud instructor he is, he shares videos and pictures of his talented students. And there are some pretty talented ones, though Julien seems to keep the whole attention.

Soon enough we’ll hear about another crazy talented kid, no doubts!

Source: PopSugar

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