Instagram Broke The Internet With The Screenshot Notification

It Was Our Only Safe App!

Instagram’s latest update introduced Live Video, a feature that allows you to send videos and photos privately, similar to Snapchat, but you can also send them to groups.

You need to take the pictures like you are adding a story, but instead of posting them you have to tap the arrow on the bottom right to send it privately to the users you want.

But the update also sends a notification whenever someone screenshots your pic.

Just when you thought you could stalk whoever you wanted and keep the pictures, they add the screenshots. Boomer for all of us.


Obviously, people are losing it.

I mean I get it, I’m shocked and having a panic attack. How could Instagram betray the trust I had in them? Who came up with this idea?


But keep calm, screenshots are only notified when it comes to live videos and photos.

Before everyone came out of the social media app running away from screenshots, Instagram clarified the info and told us it’s just about temporary pictures.


Feel free to screenshot your crush’s pics.

Unless it’s sent as a temporary video/pic for you. In that case, don’t do it. Just use the old trick of taking a picture of it with another phone.




In case you are the one people’s taking screenshots of, you will tell, believe me.

Not only the notification appears on your blocked screen, but it also appears on the bubble of the user that’s on top of your inbox.





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