This Cute Elephant Herd Receives As Their Own A Baby Elephant

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Heartwarming video coming up! A video of an elephant herd at Elephant Nature Park welcoming a rescue baby elephant is going viral. The animal’s family doesn’t hide the excitement about the newest member and it’s the loveliest thing you’ll see today.

Take a moment to appreciate this family gathering

Another week goes by and so the Internet finds its latest fixation, and let’s face it, our newest addiction.

Last week, it was a crazy talented French boy rocking the world with his dance moves. And it was awesome, but this time the Internet chose to melt our hearts in the best way.

This time the Internet shows us the cutest thing ever. If you consider human babies are cute, you’ll die with this baby meeting his new family.

The video has already been seen over 1 million times, and it was shared by the Elephant Nature Park Facebook page on May 28.

Staff at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand captured the moment when a  herd of elephants ran to welcome their newest member – an orphaned baby elephant by the name of Dok Geaw.

Little Dok Geaw was recently rescued and treated at The Elephant Conservation Centre before being brought to the park to meet his new family.

A happy ending for this little fella

The 1 year and 9 months old lost his mother when he was just 4 months old. His mother used to work in the lodging industry. He was first rescued by Khun Kanjana Silpa-Archa, who took him to Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang where they took care of him.

There he spent 17 months under the care of devoted people, and then it was time for Dok to go somewhere new.

On May 25, he was finally located at the Elephant Nature Park. According to the Park’s staff members,  the cutie is now getting used to his new life and having a blast with his herd. Gow is still considered a baby so he gets feed up with milk to make sure he receives enough nourishment.

Both the Thai Elephant Conservation Center and Elephant Nature Park in Thailand carry out the beautiful labor of rescuing elephants and giving them a place to be safe and a family. Elephants are often hunted and killed for their ivory.

As you can see in the video the herd of elephants excitedly rushing to greet the 1-year-9-months-old Dok Geaw who was orphaned when he was just 4 months old.

Dok Geaw enjoys lying down on a sand pile, playing in the river and running with the herd.

The park often shares updates of little Dok having fun with his family.  And he seems to be doing more than fine!

Source: Mashable

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