These Kids Describe God To An Illustrator And The Results Are Hilarious

They Go From A Frog-Lion To A Wing-Arm Lady

God, the source of pretty much everything. As he/she/it pretty much rounds up existence, from faith to doubt. But how does he look like? Well, the guys from Cut decided that kids should answer this eternal question.

Since they invited an awesome illustrator, named Koji, to materialize their description. Needless to say that due to the fact that they’re kids the description is fueled by their vast imagination. Creating an adorable experience and some odd, yet cool God(s).

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The existence of god

The guys from CUT have shown us previous videos while using their kids. But never one with such a serious topic. Being probably the closest one, and without a doubt the meanest one, to this the one in which they tell the kids that Santa didn’t exist. Luckily the faith of the kids doesn’t suffer this time.

Since Koji starts asking them if they believe in God. To what the smaller kids answer they do, while the more grown-up ones say they don’t. Also, Koji doesn’t escape the question, answering that he believes in the concept of a higher being. Something that confuses the smaller ones in a very funny way.

Praising the lord-ish

As the kids start giving their ideas of how God might look like they start the never ending debate. Obviously in a cuter way. Is it a he or a she? To what one kid says it’s a possibility since he created all of us, as his sister tells him he is wrong and when he gets to heaven he will be in trouble.

Also, to make Koji’s work a bit harder and funnier they all described God in very strange ways. Being a frog-lion Jesus polygon, a wing-armed lady, or simply by him being invisible. To spice it up a bit they all tell Koji that God has to be naked, to what he simply draws it.

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While the kids end up describing their God, the outcome is pretty cool. Creating all sorts of creatures and hysterical representations. Really our favorite is frog-lion God. Along with that, the kids help Koji paint their representations. Adding fundamental features like a hot-dog.

It’s pretty cool to see how good Koji is, not only with his drawing skills but with the kids. Since he doesn’t necessarily know where they were going in their descriptions but always agreeing with them. Finally, and obviously, one of the best thing on every YouTube video is the comments. Where someone said that they were all wrong and that “everybody knows Morgan Freeman is God.”

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