Johnny Galecki Hints The Big Bang Theory Might End After Season 12th

CBS Has Not Confirmed It Just Yet

The actor tells us about a spoiler on the possible ending of the comedy. The series might end after more than ten years on the air.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the best valued comic series and most followed in these years. The series of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady has managed to become an icon of American television during a very long season.

No more Big Bang?

Its success is falling as well as the positive reviews towards its scripts. With 11 seasons on the air, there are few things that Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and the rest of the cast have not already done. For this reason, it is rumored that the next installment, the twelfth season will be the last of them all. It seems that everyone agrees. But how can you agree? Television without The Big Bang Theory wouldn’t be the same.

As the actor, Johnny Galecki has said for the TCA Winter Press Tour after the panel of another series Living Biblically and says:

“The only way we’ve talked about the end of the series has been making it clear that we’re all going to be very sad the day it happens. But I think at this point, we’re all very comfortable with this. After 12 seasons it’s time to enjoy and go home to be with our families. “
Big Bang Theory
by Telegraph

Without confirmation yet

CBS still does not give statements about its continuity of the series beyond the twelfth season. Speculation rumored that this will be the last season. Especially considering the success of a “spin-off” on the start and infancy of the character Jim Parsons “Young Sheldon”.

This news saddens us a lot since the series marks the millennial generation. Most of us are fans of the crazy things that these funny characters live on the screen. Al
though we still have a small hope since the rumors have not been confirmed. We would miss Sheldon’s manias on the screen too much. Even though we still have it with this new series Young Sheldon, who would say that this character was so cute when he was little? The laughter will remain as memories of what this series made us happy in its air moments.
by People

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