Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ Video Gets A Remake By ‘Sesame Street’ Muppets

This Is Your Perfect Sunday-Afternoon Video

This Youtuber just delivered the perfect remake of a Beastie Boys‘ video starring Sesame Street characters. He created a remake of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” and the internet is loving it. The video already has over 500k views and counting.

The worst boys in Sesame Street

Sesame Street embraced pop culture, and its parodies, long ago, and till today they continue to carry on the legacy.The latest example comes from the appropriately-named YouTube mashup artist ‘isthishowyougoviral’, real name Adam Schleinchkorn.

The video is the perfect blend of the Beastie Boys and Sesame Steet. Adam delivered an incredibly well-edited mashup of Sesame Street footage reenacting the Beastie Boys’ iconic clip for ‘Sabotage’.

Rather than coming from the TV show, the footage Adam used is pulled from ‘Follow That Bird, in which the titular bird is pursued by scam artists as he finds his way back to Sesame Street from Illinois.

It recasts Big Bird and the Count in MCA’s roles (“As Himself” and Cochese), while Oscar the Grouch fills in for Ad-Rock’s Bobby, Super Grover takes on Mike D’s the Chief, and DJ Hurricane is replaced with Ms. Finch (Big Bird’s social worker in ‘Follow That Bird’; best not to ask questions here) as Bunny.

“About three years ago, I spent a Sunday editing a video of the Muppets rapping ‘So What’cha Want,’ which ended up being a total game-changer for me,” Schleichkorn writes in the video description.

“The original ‘Sabotage’ music video is without a doubt, one of the greatest of all time, so I knew I couldn’t do a regular old lip sync video, I had to bring it!”

Slaying videos and tracks

The original 1994 Beastie Boys video, which was directed by Spike Jonze, was a play on 1970s crime shows like ‘Starsky & Hutch, with the band featured as the show’s protagonists.

It has regularly been cited as one of the best music videos in the history of the medium. And the video did, in fact, won the MTV Video Music Award for best video back in 1994 with the “Sabotage” video.

But the Beastie Boys were not only famous for slaying videos, they also slew tracks.

They have a couple of tracks on the list of 100 Greatest Hip Hop tracks. In number 60 there’s “Hold it, now hit it,” which dates from before the Beasties dominated MTV.

And in number 19, they have “Paul Revere” from their acclaimed 1986 album ‘Licensed to Ill’.

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