MTV Video Music Awards’ Most Iconic Moments In 16 Videos

Let’s Remember The Most Memorable Moments Of The MTV VMA’s

The MTV Video Music Awards are one of the most expected and popular music awards in the industry, but as every celebrity event, it has had some unexpected situations that have left us open-mouthed. Some have been during VMAs’ performances and others during the award winners’ acceptance speeches, and all of them are surely unforgettable.

Here’s a list of the most iconic VMA moments of all times:

1. MTV Video Music Awards 2015.

Nicky Minaj vs. Miley Cirus.

“Miley, what’s good?”

2. VMAs 2009.

Kanye West ruins Tay Tay’s moment.

Jeering is in order.

3. VMAs 2003.

Madonna and Britney getting cozy.


4. VMAs 1999.

Diana Ross and Lil Kim feeling touchy.

Then again, speechless.

5. VMAs 2010.

Still speechless.

6. VMAs 2013.

Miley Cirus twerking to Robin Thicke.

*Please note the commentator’s reaction*

7. VMAs 2011.

Beyonce announces pregnancy during Love on Top performance.

Isn’t she the sweetest?

8. VMAs 1994.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Presley kissed during Michael’s speech.


9. VMAs 2013.

Taylor Swift acceptance speech to Harry Styles.


10. VMAs 2007.

Britney’s performance was a little more than what we expected.

Oh, well…

11. VMA 1984.

Madona’s shocking Like a Virgin performance.

Back to speechless.

12. VMAs 1991.

Prince’s outfit was a little unexpected.

Points for personality.

13. VMAs 2002.

Brit making up an award for Michael Jackson.

We still love you, Brit.

14. VMAs 2001.

Britney’s performance with a *real* snake.


15. VMAs 2009.

Lil Mama crashing Jay-z and Alicia Keys’ performance.

What an audacious move.

16. VMAs 2015.

Kanye announces his presidential candidacy during his performance time.

He was right in most of what he said, surprisingly.

Source: MTV


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