Barbara Streisand Just Premiered A Musican On Netflix

This Diva’s Last Tour Is Now Oficially Out On Netflix!

Netflix debuted Barbra Streisand’s musical called ‘Barbra: The Music… The Memories… The Magic!’ on Wednesday. So it’s official, the iconic star has a documentary capturing her last tour and with lots of memories.

The singer discusses not touring again, takes the stage with iconic friends and talks politics in the film that is now streaming on Netflix.

Barbra Streisand takes us in a musical journey

Barbra Streisand is in full display on Netflix with a documentary, or musical film, that captures her in her most Barbra way, on and off stage.

Fitting perfectly to the subject and muse, the film documents her journey to stardom. It also comprises moments from her 2016 show in Miami and the making of her 2016 album, ‘Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway.’

The film captures her last tour on Dec. 5 2016, in Miami. Marking Barbra’s last, and featured songs from each of her No. 1 albums from the past six decades including ‘The Way We Were and Evergreen’.However, is not just songs, as Streisand shares funny stories with her audience, touching on every subject from her her directorial debut in 1983’s ‘Yentl’ to shooting the cover of ‘A Star is Born.’

The film was directed by Streisand and Jim Gable, and features 26 songs from her six decades of films and albums, making it a real highlight of her career. “I had 10 No. 1 albums over six decades. My God, have I been around that long,” she says in the trailer.

Streisand’s last album ‘Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway,’ hit the shelves in August 2016 and features duets with celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. As for the Netflix film, the iconic singer and actress caught rapidly Netflix’s interest, after mentioning the project to the streaming service’s chief content officer at a dinner party.

According to Streisand, she had complete control over the project aside from a few requests from the streaming service. “They’re so wonderful to work for because they don’t interfere with the artist’s work,” she said.

“They never saw it until i handed it in… it’s amazing.”


What we learned from it

The diva shares an amusing story about Liza Minelli performing the song at a Streisand tribute.

“It was so beautiful, the song, but I couldn’t place the song or why she was singing it, so I asked her, ‘Liza, why did you sing that song?’ And she said, ‘Barbra, you sang it in Funny Lady!” Then Babs fully takes on the role of her character, Fanny Brice, delivering sassy renditions of “How Lucky Can You Get” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade.”

And she briefly becomes Fanny Brice delivering sassy renditions of ‘How Lucky Can You Get’ and ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade.’ She also takes on the stage with Jamie Foxx  for a duet of ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’ from ‘The Sound of Music.’

“I wanted to sing with Jamie Foxx because he just has such a fantastic voice and soulful — very, very soulful — sound,” she says.That’s quite a compliment coming from Streisand, and Foxx lives up to it alongside the legend. Streisand also takes on the no-touring again issue.

“I take a lot of time off,” she joked, referring to the 27-year break she took from performing live after a performance in New York’s Central Park where she forgot the lyrics to her song.

.She also explains that she prefers recording music in a studio and filming movies because: “It’s a private thing. I don’t care how I look … I’m not being judged at the moment.”


Good thing we now have her concert on Netflix.

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Barbara also discussed sexual assault

The multi-tasking artist recently appeared on USA TODAY and wind her thought on politics. She said she can’t help being vocal when it comes to politics.“Otherwise, I’d drown in candy and my ice-cream habit,” she joked.

She also reflected  on Harvey Weinstein and the sexual harassment scandals wracking Hollywood. “This whole sexual assault number is really going to change things, I think — because women were so frightened to come out and tell the truth, but it’s so wonderful that they now have the platform to talk about this stuff.”

And reflected on whether they will affect the presidency. “How is this man president?” she said.

“We are going through a very intense period here politically. So I’m so happy that the issues are coming out into the light. That truth is trying to get out of the mud.”


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