Barbra Streisand Mourns Her Beloved Dog ‘Samantha’

The Diva Has Lost Her Best Friend Of 14 Years.

On Saturday, Barbra Streisand said goodbye to her longtime dog and companion, Sammie. The fluffy white dog died due to health issues she had been battling with for a while.

Streisand says goodbye to her beloved and fluffy Sammie

Barbra Streisand took her Instagram account to share and honor her dog Samantha. Sammie, as she was affectionately known, passed away on Saturday.Sammie had been the inseparable companion of the diva for 14 years.

The diva took her Instagram account and paid a heartfelt tribute to her longtime companion with a series of photos. Including one recently taken on Mother’s Day. Sammie had also recently celebrated her 14th birthday, with a cake made just for the four-legged princess.

She died less than a week after the celebration, due to her old age and some health issues she’d been battling with. Back in October, Streisand asked fans to pray for Sammie, since she needed surgery. It seems like the prayers were heard, the surgery was postponed and she was doing fine.

The beautiful white Coton de Tuléar, used to make multiple appearances with Streisand on social media. In fact, Streisand’s very first Instagram post was a picture of her beloved Sammie. Streisand was a proud and loving pet owner and celebrated her dog in many occasions, from birthdays to National Pet Day.

A brand new tour for Barbara Streisand

The Music . . . The Memories . . . The Magic! it’s Barbara’s most recent tour, that started in early May.

The singer, who had just celebrated her 75th birthday, opened her tour on May 4 at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum. Streisand offered an emotional tribute to her late manager, Hollywood super-agent Sandy Gallin, who died in April.

The May 4th concert was her first Long Island appearance since 1963. It’s part of the inaugural month of concerts for the refurbished Coliseum.“Music transcends politics,” she told the crowd after discussing the current tumultuous times.

During the show, she turned the 70’s anti-war anthem ‘Being at War with Each Other’ into a timely plea. The show’s imagery ranged from Vietnam, to Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. And from the Selma marches, to the Orlando, Pulse nightclub shooting.

The diva headed to New York on May 6th, to return to the Barclay Center in her native Brooklyn.The New York concerts, are the final stops of the tour that supports her 2016 album ‘Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway.’

During the show, Streisand  gave a shot out to an audience member who was seated near the stage, Hilary Clinton.The diva was a supporter of the former First Lady, during the 2016 elections. Barbra said, to “our groundbreaking First Lady, senator from New York, Secretary of State, and the winner of our country’s popular vote, Hillary Rodham Clinton!”

Clinton, who was accompanied by her husband Bill Clinton, smiled and waved the crowd’s loud ovation.


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Denouncing sexism on the industry

Last April, during a surprise appearance at The Tribeca Film Festival. The diva opened up about the sexism she faced during the 80’s in the industry. The 75-year-old legendary entertainer argued that both men and women did not like the idea of a woman calling the shots on a major motion picture.

Streisand assured: “They don’t want to see a woman director. I don’t know how many women wanted to see a woman director.”

Barbara’s ‘Yentl’ and ‘The Prince of Tides’ films received multiple Oscar nominations, however, she wasn’t acknowledged for directing them.“I must have been more hurt than I though because I didn’t want to direct for years,” Barbra said as she discussed her hiatus from the film industry.

Streisand assured she’d like to see more women directing and getting into power in Hollywood. She also encouraged women to do so.“I love when I see a woman’s name on the film, and then I want to see it be good,”  she said.

According to Streisand after wrapping up her tour, she plans to finish writing her memoir, which was supposed to hit the shelves this year.

The singer and actress, who is one of the few entertainers to win Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and Tony awards, will also take on her duties as the newly named chairwoman of the board for the World Trade Center’s planned performing arts center.

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