10 Flawless Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Because We Know The Struggle

I bet if most of us could make a wish it would be to have our very own makeup artist for every time we leave our houses. Sadly we don’t get to do it. Most of us spend a huge amount of time getting ready every time, watching makeup tutorials on YouTube or trying to figure out by ourselves how to get the perfect contour.

We know the struggle and decided to give you 10 tips on how to get the perfect look. This tips will save you a LOT of time and effort.

1. Blend your concealer five minutes after the application

When you let your concealer sit for a while before blending it, this one will go further and will cover a lot more, so you won’t need multiple layers.


2.Apply your concealer in a triangle shape.

This allows the product to blend easily and gives you a natural finish.


3. Illuminate your eyes by choosing a peach-colored concealer.

These tones will also help you cover up those annoying dark spots under your eyes, making you look more awake and fresh.


4.Use a tissue and translucent powder to make your lipstick last longer.

After applying the product, place a tissue upon the lips and dust a bit of the powder on to make the color stay longer.


5.Get a diffused look on your lips applying lipstick with an eyeshadow brush.

If you’re looking for a more diffused appearance, buff your lipstick with an eyeshadow brush and get the softer look you’re striving for.


6.Make your own colored mascara using eye shadow.

Dust a layer of your favorite color eye shadow on top of your fresh mascara to get a fun and creative look.


7.Curls your lashes faster with a hairdryer.

I know it sounds crazy. Use the hairdryer to heat your eyelash curler, let it cool for a moment and then use it as usual. The heat will help you setting the curl.


8.Make your lashes look fuller.

You only need translucent powder. Dust some of it upon your lashes, between layers of mascara and get the look of a fine and expensive lash-plumping mascara.

thick lashes

9.Give dimension to your eyes using a brown eyeliner.

No matter what your eye color or shape is, brown will benefit you. It gives a nice impression and isn’t as harsh as the black eyeliner is.


10.Get a perfect line around the edges of your lips.

That’s called a Cupid Bow and in order to get the perfect one you must draw an “x” on your upper lip, very simple right?

cupid bow


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