This Elderly Couple Celebrates Their 50th Aniversary By Sliping On Their Old Wedding Outfits

Love Is In The Air

Weddings are beautiful, when the day is over we look at the pictures and talk about the memories. We only get to keep some things after the big day ends, like the pictures of the occasion or the wedding dress who usually ends up on the closet never to be used again.

But Carole-Ann and Jim Stanfield’s wedding clothes were rediscovered by their granddaughter while she was snooping around for old family photos. After begging them to try them on, they did it just to discover they fit as well as they did the day of their wedding.


71-year-old Carole-Ann Stanfield and 74-year-old Jim Stanfield were “gobsmacked” when they got them on. To Celebrate their 50th anniversary, the couple threw a party were they used the same clothes, they used when they said I do back in October, 1966.


The guests were amazed to see them just as they did 50 years ago.

The loving two also added hearts to their wedding rings. They also added 25 diamonds to the rings for their 25th anniversary, and four rubies when they celebrated their 40th.


They first met at a men’s club where Jim worked in 1962. Many years later they have two children and six grandchildren. “Jim loved my big blonde hair, and I loved his humour. He is such a comedian and always makes me laugh.” said Carole-Ann.




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