Paralyzed Woman Got To Walk Down The Aisle For Her Wedding Day

Weeping Is In Order

A woman’s biggest dream is to follow the path to the rest of her life as she walks down the aisle while the love of her life is watching her. Jaquie Goncher dreamt about it too, but she was paralyzed when she was 17 years old.

We booked our honeymoon finally. 🙌🏼 Only 29 more days until the big day! ❤️@lovestoriesbyhalieandalec

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Jaquie broke her neck and suffered a spinal cord injury while diving into a pool, and she has been in a wheelchair ever since. But 8 years later, after struggling to regain her sensibility and her ability to walk, after investing most of her time in physiotherapy and gyms, she managed to leave the chair behind for one night, as she got to marry the love of her life and to walk toward him while he anxiously waited on the other side of the avenue.

Goncher says that she had been able to stand up before and even take a few steps, but she never got to walk such a long distance. Fortunately, on her wedding day, she overcame that and even got to dance with her better half.

“I danced all night,”  she said, as she mentioned that both she and her husband were amused by the accomplishment.

She looked so beautiful.

She got to be surrounded by people that loves her very much.

They are so meant to be together.

Definitely the cutest couple.

Don't mind me. I'll just be the girl sobbing over how amazing God is!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Her excitement is overboard (so sweet!).

This is definitely the highlight of the story.

She looks so unbelievably happy, and she deserves it.

We are so very proud of you, Jaquie. You are an inspiration. We hope you guys the best of lucks and a lifetime of happiness.


Source: CTV News



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